During this pandemic, one thing that has evolved is our medium of interaction. We have thus, today become accustom to using various Platforms for our online classes, for working from home, for interviews and all such things. We have hence, begun using platforms like Zoom, MS-Teams, Google Meet and Slack to name a few. In this article, thus, we are here to discuss and compare Slack versus Microsoft Teams. So, lets see which is better.

First-thing-First — What is MS-Teams?

MS-Teams is a interactive collaboration and conversation platform. It thus, offers a unified suite of tools designed to assist remote employees stay connected and to market productivity, including instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, document sharing and more.

Teams is also very integrated with other products within the Microsoft suite, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, making it a real collaboration platform. According to Microsoft officials, Teams is also the fastest growing business app in company history.

What about Slack?

Slack may be a channel-based messaging platform that permits remote workforces to speak in real time. additionally to group and direct messaging, Slack also offers file sharing capabilities, and integrates with a good sort of different apps and services, including Box, Twitter, HubSpot and Zoom for extra extensibility.

Though the corporate originally began to “replace email,” Slack has become such a lot quite just a substitute for email, adding additional capabilities over the years, including audio and video services.

Slack versus Microsoft Teams

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Some Great Facts

  • If you would like a fast and dirty overview of the 2 tools, here is everything you would like to understand .
  • The biggest difference between Slack vs. Microsoft teams recently was the very fact that Teams didn’t have a freemium plan. This changed in July 2018, when Microsoft unrolled a replacement version of Teams for free of charge , strengthening its position as a Slack competitor.
  • By far, the most important difference between the 2 apps is that Slack is simpler to line up and administrate. On the opposite hand, Microsoft Teams is meant for larger enterprise companies and its setup is more complex.
  • It provides for excellent integration with various applications. However, if integrations are your primary concern for your team chat app, Slack is that the clear winner since it integrates with every other tool under the sun.

Slack versus Microsoft Teams —- Overview of Features

FeatureMicrosoft TeamsSlack
Channels (Teams)
Private Messages
No. of UsersUp to 500k with free planUnlimited
Unlimited Messages
Comprehensive Message Search✔ (Up to 10,000 messages with free plan)
File Sharing
Guest AccessLimited to 5 per account even for paid plansUnlimited collaboration with external users for paid plans
Screen Sharing✔ (Not included in free plan)
Video & Audio Calls (1-on-1)UnlimitedUnlimited
Video ConferencesUp to 250 users with paid plansUp to 15 users with paid plans
Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps
Shortcuts & Productivity Tools(40+ Shortcuts for Desktop App)(50+ Shortcuts for desktop app with most available for web app as well.)
Bots & Workflow Tools✔ Who Bot (Paid only) and Third-Party Chatbots✔ SlackBot
Integrations472 apps to choose fromUp to 10 for free plans, with 2,000+ apps to choose from
Slack versus Microsoft Teams

Slack versus Microsoft Teams — In-depth Features Comparison

Starting with

  • Slack is extremely easy to urge started with also.
  • On the opposite hand, Microsoft Teams is anything but simple.


  • Pricing: Both Teams and Slack have freemium plans.
  • When it involves the paid plans, the most cost effective Microsoft Teams plan is a smaller amount expensive than Slack’s cheapest plan.

Style and Layout

  • There are very vast layout tabs in MS-Teams.
  • On the opposite hand, there’s less to ascertain immediately in Slack because they need to enhance their interface .
  • Slack also has great many customizations.


  • Both Teams and Slack have alternative ways to send and receive messages, including threads.
  • Microsoft Teams in-addition also has more built-in options to format your text.
  • Slack also allows you to set reminders for individual messages.

Collaboration and File Sharing

  • Microsoft Teams thus, allows you to share Office files and work on them immediately from the workspace.
  • Slack doesn’t accompany the choice of editing documents from the workspace, so you’ve got to download files and open them in specific apps to edit them.

Video Calls

  • Both apps allow video calls and therefore the feature works alright.
  • However, Teams features a built-in video feature, which is basically neat.
  • Although at one go on a premium plan one can connect to 250 individuals on MS-Teams while only 15 on Slack.


  • While Microsoft Teams has excellent native integrations with Office and a few third-party app integrations.
  • Slack definitely wins during this department – it’s quite 800 integrations that you simply can use.

Managing Tasks

  • Both tools need integrations so as to figure with managing projects and tasks.
  • In Slack, you’ll also assign and manage tasks using Actions.


  • Microsoft Teams and Slack also allow you to search your chat history. Also, the contacts and even the content of the files you share within the app.

Support and Help

  • Both have great Bots and FAQ section to help you out in trouble.
  • Of course, sometimes googling gives you the simplest and quickest results.

Comparing the Market Share

  • If you checked out the market share within the collaboration software space even a couple of years ago, it might have looked completely different thus.
  • Slack was during a clear lead with MS-Teams growing among enterprise customers but not so fast that Slack was worried.
Slack versus Microsoft Teams
  • In 2019, Microsoft Teams surged past Slack within the number of daily active users — hitting 13 million in July thus.
  • And it also, shows no sign of slowing down from its new rate of growth.

WRAPPING UP — Slack versus Microsoft Teams

Both Slack and Microsoft Teams are great choices in themselves. Though, one thing to note here is that they both cater to different wants. On the one hand, Slack allows for vast 3rd-party integrations and also great customization features. Teams on the other hand, works awesome for enterprises using Microsoft applications.

Thus, you can see that it all boils down to what you want and except at the end of the day. Hence, choose the various platforms as per your choice and needs and get the best features at your service just with a single click or a press of a button.

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