Ps4 controller has all sorts of different color bars like Orange, Blue, White, Yellow, etc. But many people get baffled when they see the red light. What people don’t know is that red light doesn’t mean that the controller is broken. But in some cases, it is a sign of broken controller hardware. If your controller is working fine and then also it is showing red light then there is nothing to worry about. Keep using your controller and it works fine. But if it constantly shows a Red light on ps4 controller and does not connect to ps4, there might be a problem. Here we have provided few solutions on how to fix Red light on ps4 controller. Hope you find solutions from one of the methods given below.

Red light on ps4 controller

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DS4 Controller Lightbar Meanings

  1. Blue = Player 1.
  2. Red = Player 2.
  3. Green = Player 3.
  4. Pink = Player4.

We know that it is very rigid. But while playing certain games the colour may change depending upon the game. For instance, Grand Theft Auto IV RockStar. In this game, the Dualshock 4 blink red and blue whenever you are being chased by police. People need more creativity like this.

Ps4 Controller Red Light Bar During Gameplay:

There might be instances when your controller turns red during playing and it is nothing to worry about. For example, if you play NFS as the illegal street racer the light bar turns red also when you die in a Killzone. So, it’s nothing to worry about if you are playing a game. And you see Red light on ps4 controller.

Now if you are playing alone and still it shows red light on ps4 controller. It just means you are logged in as another user and if you change the user it will change back to normal. It is very easy to switch user just press and hold the PS button of the controller. Highlight ”Power” and select ”Switch User,” now you can choose the user you want to play with.

How to fix if the light bar of Controller is fix on Red:

If your Ps4 is stuck on red then it has nothing to do with any of the reasons mentioned above. It means you are dealing with a minor glitch or faulty hardware. Below we have discussed some of the methods to fix the issue. You can read them and find what’s causing this red light on ps4 controller.

Fix Ps4 Controller Red While Charging

UnPlug Charging Doc’s Cord

Now, if your controller is stuck on red and it’s not budging from there the first thing you should do is unplug the charging docks’ cord. After you unplug the cord from main power outlet reconnect it after 30 seconds. Some other times the controller keeps pulsing red even when its fully charged. You can try the methods given below to fix that issue.

Replace the Charging Cable

You can also check it by connecting to a different USB charging cable and check if the light bar still shows another color. If it shows Orange, then the controller is charging, and once it’s fully charged, the light bar will turn green.

How to Reset Your Ps4 Controller:

Ps4 has its own software and resetting the control generally fixes any problems. If you want to reset your controller follow the steps given below:

  • Turn your controller over and there you will find a L2 button.
  • Now just press the reset button with a sim card ejector pin.
  • After that connect the Ps4 controller to the console with a USB cable.
  • When everything is done tap the PS button on the controller to turn it on.

Common Hardware Problems That Cause the Red Light Issue 

There may be a chance that your controller is faulty if it is still not working after changing the cable and resetting the controller. So, there are various that cause red light and we have tried compiling them into a list. It is as follows:

  • The controller will not charge if the ribbon cable of the PS4 controller is not working. So, when the battery drains then the light bar will show red color. You can try fixing the cable by cleaning its ends with alcohol or just replace it.
  • Another reason may be a worn-out battery if your controller is old. You can easily buy a new one as it is affordable and replace it if can open a DS4 controller.
  • The faulty port of charging causes the same harm as the ribbon cable mentioned above. It will not let you charge the controller and because of the low battery, the red light will appear.
  • Lastly, please ensure that you have connected the battery and port of the controller properly.


So, don’t worry if you have seen the red light on ps4 controller. You can see here it’s generally not a big deal. But if you see one you can fix the red light easily with one of these methods. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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