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What Is A Message Why Blocking?

How To Unblock Message Blocking?

First of all, let us know what exactly is the message and why message blocks, and what are the steps needed to turn off message blocking. The message is a communication that is short or long which takes place from one person to another person. It is a digital communication that is sent and received from one person to another person.

The message is generally of different types, where they are trying to convey some of the information in different forms like text messages, stickers, emojis, voice recording, videos, and many more.

Message can be transmitted using many platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Email, and many more social media platforms.

So, you are trying to send your friends beautiful messages on their birthday or any special day. You are trying to send an emergency message to your family, friends, colleagues, or any higher authority people but suddenly the message does not reach their device. You found an error in delivering the message, is it so frustrating and exhausting? This type of issue is called “message blocking”. It is so irritating when you are trying to send an emergency message.

So, now we will help you by giving some advice and suggestions and the ways to “ how to turn off message blocking”. Read this write-up till last, it is going to be interesting!

Message Blocking

Some of the users face this issue sometimes the message blocking is a case where you’ll not send or receive any sort of messages from any people. In this case, some features are not available like:

  • Users will not receive any text messages from any contacts.
  • The user will not receive any instant message.
  • Some features are available, like:
  • You can send them voice mail notifications.
  • Even, you can also set emergency alerts.
  • You will receive messages related to purchases that are from a third party.

Reasons For Message Blocking

There are numerous number of reasons for message blocking but the most priority reason is the temporary upkeep of mobile carriers. Carrier’s messaging service is suspended for a specific duration and returns after some time.

One more reason is the message sent or received from the person who is in the blocked list recipient. The final reason is that the user may disable the option of premium message service settings.

Now, let’s see the ways and suggestions on “turn off message blocking”.

Turn Off Message Blocking:

We have seen several reasons for the message blocking. So, to solve those issues we have got some solutions for you.

how to turn off message blocking?
  • The first step is, the carrier’s short communication blocking happens due to it is detected by declining to send error messages.
  • The second step is you can solve this issue by talking to customer care.
  • The third step is customer care will give you the 10 digit carrier number. An example of a 10 digit number is 555-382-5968.
  • The fourth and final step is after entering this 10 digit carrier number in your SMS settings, your message service will enable.


So, the above write-up will give you a clear picture of how to turn off message blocking. For every problem, there will be a solution and we came up with it. If you face any difficulty in sending or receiving messages then you can follow the above steps and precautions to solve it very quickly. So, next time you will not feel exhausted due to message blocking. Read out the above write-up and make your confusions free and clear. Hope you liked the write-up and clarified your queries with the best answers.

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