Here, in this post, we’re about to discuss and elaborate on the topic at hand. Which is to discuss what’s We will also look into the various methods to repair and fix this error” keeps stopping”.

The web has been connecting people all round the globe. For the fashionable generation or as we like to call GenZ. It’s impossible to spend even an hour without the web. Every element on earth has some pros or cons, the web being no exception. However, the pros weigh out the cons. Talking about the pros of the web , it’s an unending list; the foremost important being e-learning.



The Internet brings the whole world of data into your hands. Surfing on different topics gives you all the knowledge in-there on the topic. Social media has taken the whole globe aback – it helps people stay connected with one another. Albeit they’re sitting at opposite poles of the earth! Social media is successful in creating complete online communities for creation and sharing of data .

These days, social media addicts are around everywhere. Consistent with a survey report, every 1 out of 8 people may be a social media addict. The amount goes to realize a much bigger height as time goes on. There can be numerous explanations as to why it’s almost impossible for us to remain aloof of the internet. Even for a minute, let alone an hour.

Now, let’s check out a situation where you employ home Wi-Fi to facilitate your connection to the web. Now, you’ve got to travel through flight. You reached the airport, and you would like access to the web urgently. But shush – your device doesn’t have its own mobile data. Nonetheless, you will like to access the Airport Wi-Fi. This is where most often the com android captive portal login comes into play.

So, what is

It gets its name from the term “Captive portal login”. This is a built-in process for performing authentication to open or free Wi-Fi networks. In layman terms, may be a built-in package in android. Basically this is often the convention of naming packages.

For example, the Airport Wi-Fi is liberal to use. On the other hand you see that it shows “Sign in to network”. This implies thereon that you simply got to check in and accept their terms to attach to the network.

On clicking the check in notification, you’re redirected to the captive portal login website . Here, you’ve got to enter your information and accept the terms and conditions to use the network.

Captive portal login is essentially an internet page. Wherein, you only got to input your information, accept the terms and conditions that are shown there. Then you check in to access to the web. Generally, this technique is employed in hotels, airports, coffee shops, and other places that provide free Wi-Fi.

Another use of captive portal login is that, it’s wont to block a user’s access to the web. Until and unless the user enters the specified information correctly.

Captive portal login pages can also require you to hold out payment, or accept an end-user license agreement. Some also offers to finish a survey. It’ll require you to comply with other terms which the host adheres by, to offer you access to the network.


Motive of

This “” platform usually separates the criminal activities by thus employing a firewall on your device. It may even have certain antivirus programs installed. This prevents your devices and system from potential manipulation by hackers.

Ever thought, why it’s forbidden to try bank transactions or other such stuffs through public open network? It is because, not all open networks are authenticated by captive portal login. Hence, your data is devoid of the protection that comes associated with the captive portal login.

Captive portal login also minimizes the potential of bandwidth by employing bandwidth hogging.

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A fix to “” has stopped error

If you somehow come across this “” error then, below are mentioned some methods to tide you over this problem.

Forget the Wi-Fi connection

Most probably, you’ve got connected to the router employing a sign-in page or a captive portal. What happens on forgetting the connection is that, the phone wouldn’t search for a symbol in landing page. As, for a reference to that specific name.

For this the steps you need to follow are :

  • Turn on the aeroplane/flight mode on in your device.
  • Then, enable/Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Connect to the network
  • Open the Chrome app in your device
  • Navigate to in Chrome. [ref]
  • It will generally get you to fix the error keeps stopping.

Clear Cache and Data

  • Visit the Settings option.
  • Then go to Apps & notifications
  • Thereon, move to Show system app
  • Wherein, you need to search for and tap thereon.
  • Thereafter, click on storage
  • And, then click on clear cache followed by clear data.
  • After this, you are good to get your problem solve.

Force Stop the Captive Portal Login

  • Visit the Settings option.
  • Then go to Apps & notifications
  • Thereon, move to Show system app
  • Go to the Captive Portal Login thing thereafter
  • Click on Force Stop

Factory Reset

This is the ultimate solution to any problems that you face. This will surely solve your problem, if not already solved by now.

But, remember to back-up your data before performing the factory reset on your device.

  • Press the volume up and down and the power button, all together.
  • Then, keep them pressed for about 45 seconds.
  • After this, there come options to perform some different operations on your device, thus.
  • One of which is the factory reset.
  • Select the factory reset option
  • Then, click on Confirm Factory Reset
  • It will take some time and then you are good to go.


This post is the ultimate one on this topic. It is surely a must read. When you follow the steps and methods mentioned in here diligently. Then you are sure to get success in fixing this error. Most notably, thus, there are various methods mentioned in here. Follow any of these methods to hence, solve your problem. Also, put your thoughts and feedback in the comments section as to which solution worked the best for you.

Also, in case any problem still persists. Do feel free to connect over the comment box and I will surely help you out, there. Till then see ya!!

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