LGATCMD features a combination of LG+AT+CMD, where CMD is the comman prompt. This facilitates the LG OS to run the commands required to run apps. The LG devices features a service which goes by the name of LGATCMD service. LGATCMD Service, a sort of service employed by users once they want to attach LG phones to a PC Suite. The users must not remove or disable it as some software connection to the PC are often stopped till they allow it again. This service is employed by Smart-Notice Widget. Thus, in this post, we will discuss in details LGATCMD : What is LGATCMD?

Various Applications

The various applications of LGATCMD are :

  • LGATCMD attaches a mobile device with a computer.
  • We can use this service to merge complex files and make changes from the remote server.

Fixing LGATCMD Service has stopped error

People using LG smartphones might encounter a message- “Unfortunately, LGATCMD Service has Stopped”. This message keeps shooting up sometimes when the users are using their devices. And albeit they press the “OK” button multiple times, the error message doesn’t vanish. It becomes annoying for the users because the message interface keeps shooting up multiple times.

So, lets see the steps to follow to fix this error :


  • Open the device and click on on Settings.
  • Click on the “About Device” option.
  • Click on Software update and check to ascertain if there’s any update available.
  • If the updates are available then tap on update and download it.
  • After the download is completed click on install.
  • The device will restart and therefore the updates will get installed.

Perform Factory Reset

  • Open your device and click on on settings.
  • Click on the System option.
  • Then click on the “Reset Options”.
  • Select factory reset from the provided options.
  • A prompt will appear on their screen. they need to choose “Erase all data”.
  • The system will invite the device password. they need to enter the password and await the device to restart again.

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Using Safe Mode

  • Open your smartphone and press the facility button. Hold it for a couple of seconds.
  • Three options are going to be displayed, choose power off and hold it for a couple of more seconds.
  • A prompt will appear – “Reboot to safe mode”. Click on OK.
  • The device will restart and can display a prompt as “Safe mode” at rock bottom of it.
  • To take the device out of safe mode, users must restart it again by a the long-pressing power button and click on on restart.

Using any Third-Party App

We can also uninstall any third party by doing the subsequent steps:

  • Open your phone and click on on the Settings option.
  • Go to the Apps and Notification option.
  • Click on the third-party application.
  • There will be many options, click on the uninstall tab and click on OK.
  • Any third-party application creating a software problem are going to be uninstalled.

LG Install Service

It is a Privilege Escalation Vulnerability which is exploitable in some LG devices. This vulnerability causes installation of malwares, viruses and other worms. Some consequences of these attacks are :

  • The attacker gets full control over the user’s smartphone and may bypass any permission model.
  • He can run system codes as administrator.
  • The attacker can access various sensitive data and knowledge .
  • Also, can access tip and its integrity are often compromised.
  • He can leave a backdoor to attack and gain access to the device again.
  • There are not any patches or any security updates for affected devices.

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LG Setup Wizard

Steps to follow include :

  • Open the device. within the given prompt select the language, you’re comfortable with.
  • Also, Insert the sim to activate the device automatically.
  • Select the “Start Setup wizard”.
  • Now click on next.
  • Thus, Click on the beginning icon.
  • Create a replacement email account or enter the e-mail address and password of the old account.
  • Choose if you would like to stay the backup option or skip it.
  • A privacy agreement is displayed. Read it carefully and comply with continue further.
  • Then, click on next. Check in to your new Gmail account or the prevailing one.
  • The device is about up successfully.
  • We can also found out the phone wizard by doing the subsequent steps:

Smart Card

Smartcards are a tool that has an embedded chip which will function a link between a tool and also its user. Also, smartcards provide users with the interface of their choice. Thus, the chip contains an application linked to a service that does secure processing . These are like credit cards.

Devices that have embed smart cards are refer as smart media. Thus, Smart media has additional features of keypad, screen and speakers. Also, data is derive from the chips of smart cards employing a reader by accessing its interface in two ways: The reader and chip are in direct contact or they’re in indirect contact. Smart cards are in consistent use with the devices.

How does Smartcard work?

Smart cards exchange data with the readers over an interface. And, are also usually power by an external source and communicate with the user through physical contact or even wireless. Wireless communication is generally carry out through the RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) or NFC (Near Field Communication). The info within the smart card passes to its destination by a card reader.


Thus, in this article we have discussed in details what is LGATCMD? Also, What is LGATCMD Service? Hence, eHow to Fix Errors arising out of it? Also, What are its various applications? What is a SmartCard? And other such questions of importance.

Thus, I hope the message here is loud and clear. Still though if you have any problem, then please feel free to raise your queries in the comments section.

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