Are you looking for some methods to turn off safe mode on Tumblr? Then you have reached the correct page. For the Newbies, we need to take a look at what exactly Tumblr, not too mainstream yet a popular social networking platform – Tumblr is used for sharing memes, creations, art, and etcetera with the people. Unlike the usual social media accounts, Tumblr had no filter for inappropriate or age-restricted content. Anything was accessible to all the users, which became an issue. As the exposure wasn’t suitable for all age groups. Ever heard of the term NSFW content? It stands for Not Suitable for Work content. This is strictly age-restricted and should only be made available to the 18+ audience, i.e, and the adults. Henceforth, ‘a safe mode’ was launched by the company. This was done to filter out the NSFW content and made the app suitable for pre-teens and children.

What exactly is the safe mode?

  • It is a default setting on Tumblr presently for all the users regardless of their age. You will have to switch off Tumblr safe mode by yourself.
  • Given the condition, you’re not an adult yet then you won’t be able to turn off the safe mode even if you want to. This is to ensure the safety of the youngsters on the internet. 
  • There is no sync facility on Tumblr. To turn off safe mode, you will have to do so on each device in which you are logged in.
  • If you do not have a Tumblr account, you can even login with your Google or Facebook account to log in. This saves time as you do not have to go through various steps of setting up a brand new account.
 Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr

Why did ‘turn off safe mode on Tumblr’ become such a big issue?

This was simply because turning off safe mode on Tumblr gives the users access to all sorts of content of their liking without any restrictions. Tumblr is a very different platform because it gives you complete freedom of expression. No restrictions unlike Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etcetera where half of the content gets deleted due to restrictions.

Copyright issues are also not a problem on Tumblr, you can post the audio of a song you like without any deletion. It is like “Virtual land of the free”. Limitless and never-ending.

We cannot ignore the importance to turn off safe mode on Tumblr, now can we?

Even 7-year-olds are phone experts today. We cannot neglect the fact that there is a constant threat on the internet as there is a bunch load of inappropriate content. Not suitable for children, thus with the safe mode there comes an assurance that whatever your child is watching is appropriate for them and won’t cause any harm on the delicate mind of a child or a pre-teen.

Also, disturbing things on the internet make all of us uneasy so the safe mode ensures you do not come across such negativity.


Lets take a look!

For iOS~

  • Go to settings. 
  • Locate the Tumblr icon.
  • Click -Safe mode- underneath the Tumblr settings.
  • Go to general settings.
  • To turn off the safe mode, click on Dont hide anything.”
  • When you turn on the Tumblr app now, the safe mode will be disabled and you can scroll through all sorts of content.


  • Go to the Tumblr app. 
  • Click on the icon~ account.
  • Click the gear-shaped setting button.
  •  Go to general settings.
  • Click filtering
  • Press the button to turn it off next to safe mode.
  • Now, safe mode will turn off on Tumblr.


  • Open your search engine.
  • Search for 
  • Sign in.
  • Click on settings.
  • Follow the filtering part.
  • You will find the safe mode toggle on the right side of the filtering segment.
  • Now you can turn off safe mode on Tumblr. 

Now you can simply enjoy scrolling through unfiltered content on your Tumblr. The only condition required is that you have to be an adult, i.e, above 18 to view NSFW content on Tumblr by turning off the safe mode on Tumblr. Many users are now happily using their Tumblr account to discover various new content and even create their own.

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