Everyday we see millions of post updated on the Instagram. Everyone follow their favorite page and when they see a good photo or video. They want to save it to see them later or use them as a wallpaper or send it someone. Therefore everyone wants to know How to see who saved your Instagram posts.

How to see who saved your Instagram posts

Sometimes people save those posts but don’t know how to access those photos and videos they have saved. And now this is the question that is hammering your mind here we are with this blog to help you find what you have saved. You will find every information on “Save” feature on Instagram. So, let’s get started.

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How to Know if Someone Saves Your Picture on Instagram?

Your posts and pictures can be saved by others easily whether you have a private account or not. You will not have any idea about the activity and the person who has saved it. But there is a way through which you can know the number count of people saving your post or photo. This option is available through your Instagram account’s advanced insight feature. But to avail of this feature, you have to switch your account to a Business or Creator one.

  • Open Settings on your Instagram and tap on the Account option.
  • Now choose if you want to change your account to a business or Creator one.
  • After the switch is done, go to the right side at the bottom to view your profile. Then you can check your posts.
  • Now while checking your posts, tap on the post to know its save count.
  • The post will load first then click on the option of View Insight. This option will appear under the image or video of your post.
  • This is how you will check advanced insight into your post. There will be a bookmark icon that will show the number count. The number that appears is the number of times your post has been saved in a collection.

How to save Instagram posts?

Well, Instagram is filled with content that mesmerizes you and you keep wanting it to save them to your collection. But the problem that arises is how to save an Instagram post to your collection. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Firstly, you will see an icon resembling a bookmark on the right-hand bottom of every post you see on Instagram.
  • You just have to tap on that icon and it will get saved to your collection.
  • Lastly, you will be able to see the saved posts in the collection from your profile now.

How to Save a post to a collection?

In the above part, you understood how to save a post. However, to save a post in a particular collection you have to add an extra step. The steps are as follows:

  • You now have to tap and hold onto the bookmark icon that appears under every post for one second.
  • When you do this, a pop-up will appear. Now you can create a new collection or just save it to an existing one.

How to See Instagram Saved Post?

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, you will see three horizontal lines which is the Menu icon. So, click on it.
  • Then a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Lastly,click on Saved option and you will see your collections in the next page.

Does Instagram notify you when you save a picture?

When you save someone’s post then the app does not send any kind of notification to that person. So rest assured and save as many pictures as you want and fill your collection. This platform does not disclose the identity and username of the person who saves your post. There is no way in which you can know the identity of the person who has saved your posts or saved other people’s posts.

Can someone see if you save their picture on Instagram?

In case you are worried that the person will know that you have saved their post. Then don’t you worry as they can’t get any of your details when you save a certain post? When a person has a business account, then through the insight they can only check the number count of a post being saved. The insight is not capable of sharing any personal details of people saving the posts.

This is because Instagram as a popular social networking site gives importance to privacy. The identity such as the username of the person is kept confidential and no further details are shared. So, you can save all the pictures you like and don’t worry about someone finding you saving it.

How to see who saved your Instagram posts?

As we said above, it is impossible to find out about the people who save your post because of Instagram policies. The platform has strict and specific rules about this and once you share your picture on it then anyone who has access to it can save it. This will become a part of their collection and you will have no idea that someone has even saved it.

If you are thinking about installing any third-party application to solve this problem then you are wrong. You won’t be able to know who saved your instagram post. Because currently, there is no such application available for this that will guide you.

How to Know Who Saved your Instagram Post?

However, there is no such method or application but still you can satisfy your curiosity by using the following steps:

  • Click a screenshot of the post that you are curious about.
  • Then create a story with that screenshot. And you have to add questions inside that story.
  • Now ask your followers about who has saved that post.
  • You will get answers in the reply to your story.

If you are disappointed with this method then you should think that this direct approach is the only way. Not everyone who saved it will tell you the truth but most of them will and you will get the answer you require. This is the only way to put your curiosity to rest. The collection option is private only because of the reason that many people don’t want other people to know what they are saving. So, go through this method if you can’t help it at all.


Many of us only know how to save a post. We all want to see our saved pictures later to use. So we can use those pictures to our use set it as a wallpaper or can send it to a friend. Here is everything you need to know about saved and how to see who saved your Instagram posts. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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