Let’s see why there Failed forbidden download Google drive and the reasons and the solutions for the issue faced. Google Drive is a place where file synchronization and storage. A product of Google introduced in the year 2012. It gives up to a free storage limit of almost 15 GB and for extension of the storage. The people can pay and get their extension of storage. But always some kind of error may occur mostly. The error occurs because there may be a problem related to the acceleration in hardware systems. So that stops downloading anything for some security reasons. A product of Google or a tool of Google by default given the chance of protocols of security. If there is tracking happening in the history. In the upcoming paragraphs, we can know the methods to solve the issues related to this.

Failed forbidden download google drive – How to solve it?

Repair Failed forbidden download google drive Files from Google Drive

Failed forbidden download google drive: Method 1

The first and the foremost method used is using the chrome feature in the incognito mode. It helps to prevent people from tracking the activities related to the search history. Click the chrome and from setting select the new incognito window. There are even shortcut keys for opening it that is control+shift+N the required tab opened. Next, try signing in to the drive and download files, and check if the issue resolved.

Failed forbidden error while downloading google drive: Method 2

The next option will be signing out all the other accounts. This helps in stopping the many downloads from different accounts available. For this open the browser and select the account on the available side. Sign out the accounts that are not related to Google Drive. Select the account and sign out all accounts. And if there are many accounts available that are not related to Drive. Once all the accounts are being signed out now try downloading the file and file if the issue resolved.

Getting failed forbidden error while downloading in google drive: Method 3

Now the next method is to use the sharable links. Now sign in to the Drive and press the right click for the file that’s to get downloaded. See if the option of the sharable link is available. Once you click that the link copied to the clipboard and now the file pasted where ever needed. And downloading is also done easily and freely.

Failed forbidden download google drive: Method 4

Now the next solution will be the hardware acceleration issues by opening Google Chrome. And then choose the advance button option. Now select the option hardware acceleration and try turning them off. Try downloading few files from Drive and see if the error does not occur then the problem resolved.

Solving failed forbidden download google drive: Method 5

While doing some activities there will be a popup message for the allowance of the cookies and in chrome, it is the used pop up so if this pop-up comes.

You can’t download any files so after enabling this and that shows the website locked so now choose the required option. And give allow and then try restarting the page. And check if you are able to download else check for other errors possible.

Method 6: To solve Failed forbidden download google drive

If there is a possibility that ad browser extension and extension closure important. Now, especially troubleshooting or unresolved try to use anti-virus by disabling them. Check if files that need downloading if the error resolved otherwise there ideas to resolve issues.

Failed forbidden download google drive: Method 7

Now there may be multiple zip files in the computer so there may be a pop-up message like the file is a zip file. It will not require and used for downloading. For getting this solved select the options leave the site and then there are few pop-ups. Now select the option. Google drive generally compresses few files if you don’t want that to happen. Then allow the option for files not compressed.


The error message happens to occur again and again when you download files of the Drive. And if it happens to be a very big file then the error occurs because Drive can’t download big files in a single shot. There are some software and anti-virus sites that help in blocking the download. It also helps to prevent downloading the files. This error fixed using multiple methods like allowing cookies or use incognito mode. Later after signing out all the other accounts other than the account used for the downloading files in the Drive.

The hardware accelerations disabled for allowing the download of files that are required and the issues. The failure can resolve using any one of the solutions required. Considered a very small issue that can be easily solved on our own. This process of solving made without depending on the other person for rectification of the error.

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