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What Is CLS in Net?

Before going to the main topic, let us see some of the basic understanding of the topic. Net is said to be a programming language which, developed by Microsoft. Net, developed or designed to build applications that could run on the Windows platforms. It’s used to develop many services like forms-based applications, web-based applications, and web services. It’s also pronounced as dot net and Net framework. A framework that is used by software applications to run on the Windows platform.

Dot net provides programming guidelines that have used to develop a wide range of applications from mobile to web to windows based applications. NET is an open-source platform and it is free. Used to build many different types of applications. NET can also used with multiple languages, editors, and libraries, and NET used to develop many applications for web, games, mobile, desktop, and IoT. Dot Net, used as both frontend and backend. For example, ASP.NET, used as backend and C# and VB.NET are used as frontend. Now, let’s discuss CTS and CLS with clear points and comparisons.

CLS Subset Of CLS

Common Type System and Common Language Specification are the parts of .NET CLR and these two parts are responsible for type safety within the code. CTS and CLS allow type safety and cross-language communication.

cls in net

CTS is defined as Common Type System and it deals with the data types or describes the data types that can also used by managed code. It gives us a clear picture of how these data types declared, used, and managed in the runtime. It provides many features like cross-language integration, type safety, and high-performance code execution. To define classes and values the rules defined in CTS used.

We have several languages and for every language, there are different data types and one language data type cannot be understandable by other languages. But the specialty of .NET is it understands all the data types from all the languages.

CLS stands for Common Language Specification. CLS is a subset of CTS(Common Type System). The compliant defined as the languages which follow the set of rules are said to be CLS Compliant. CLS enables Interoperability and cross-language integration.

CLS in Net, For example,

Every statement in C# ends with the semicolon and every statement in VB.NET ends should not end with a semicolon. These rules and syntax defined as CLS.

One language syntax won’t be understandable by other languages. In Dot NET each language converted into MSIL code after compilation and the MSIL code is the language specification of CLR.

CLS defines the basic rules which are necessary for any language. It represents the guidelines for the compiler. CLS allows and provides flexibility in a feature of using non-compliant types in the internal implementation of components. CLS acts as one umbrella as a tool for integrating different languages.


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