Android has become the most popular and the most wanted in the market. It is because of the fast development of this technology and its innovation. Most importantly, it is so easy to use Android that it is compatible with every age group. We are here to discuss the topic of Clear clipboard Android. The copy-paste function of Android can be used easily, but it gets a little too crowded sometimes. For instance, you are reading an article, and you like a paragraph of it you want to copy. However, after you are done copying, you want to clear your clipboard on Android.

Clear clipboard Android

It is necessary to clear your clipboard on Android, which many people forget. Or if you remember but don’t know how to do it. In this blog, we will show you create as well as clearing the clipboard. Below mentioned are two methods that can make your daily life easy.

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Copy – Paste on Clipboard

Clear clipboard Android

To start with the process, you must find the part you want to copy. It can be from anywhere, for instance, website content, any article, chat, etc. No select the content by pressing the text, and a blue mark will appear to show it is selected. You have an easy escape if you want to copy the whole content as you can click on “select all” after a long press.

After selecting the content you want to be copied, click on the “copy” button. Then exit that page and open that page where you want to paste the content. Suppose you don’t have any particular place or apps like Microsoft Word or any text manager you can copy. Then you can copy it on the notes app as it is available on all Android devices. Open the app you want to copy and make a long press again. Then click on the “paste” button that will appear, and the selected content will get copied there. Lastly, a reminder to save it so you won’t lose your content.

Steps to Clear Clipboard Android

Clear clipboard Android

After learning how to copy on a clipboard, let’s now move on to clear a clipboard on Android. Every person has to be selective on what to save on their device as every phone has its own capacity limit. This not only applies to photos, videos, and documents but also the copy-pasted material. You must be thinking that it does not take much space, but still, it should be managed. So, here are the steps to Clear Clipboard Android:

1. Navigate to the file

Firstly, to clear the clipboard on Android, you have to navigate and select the file. Let us make clear that this will actually depend on you. As if you clear one clipboard, then all the content gets deleted. However, you can choose to delete only a small part instead of the whole clipboard. So, whatever is your choice, you have to start by finding the file.

2. Select the content

The process of clearing the clipboard is almost same as copy and paste. Firstly, press on the part which you want to delete to select it. However, if you want to clear the whole clipboard as discussed above then long press on the icon. For deleting a small part then start by opening the file. Mark the part by selecting it.

3. Select Delete

When you mark the part, then various options will appear. The display will be similar to the one you get when you copy the content. However, you must select the option of “delete” or “clear,” whichever will clear the clipboard. Click on that part, and the portion marked will be deleted on your clipboard.

4. Find the Menu

This is not a continuing step from the above. We are just inserting this step in case your smartphone has a different setting or display. As an option appears after you have marked the content in the above step, it may not happen on some devices. Then you have to find the option of the clear button in the menu. You can find it on the top of the right corner usually. So, click there and find the button to clear the clipboard on Android.

5. Delete All

This step is optional in case if you want to clear everything on the clipboard. In some Android devices, users have the option to clear all clipboard history. This is preferred by users who want to empty some space on their phones. You will sacrifice some data and gain more space in your device.

Firstly, navigate to the clipboard history if you want to perform this step. You can clear all things on the clipboard when you press the “delete” button. This is an efficient way and will be more effective for you as there is no need to select and mark the files one by one. This will save your time, and just by clicking one time, you will gain some storage space.

Tips for you:

  • Please ensure that you have selected the correct part to clear. Because once you delete it, the file will be lost permanently.
  • It is better to perform these steps when your phone has a full battery, especially when you are clearing the history. If your phone gets switched off in between the process, you need to start from the beginning again.
  • Before deleting, evaluate files to ensure which ones to keep. You can manage your files by exporting some of them to another device or external storage. Then you will not be confused and delete a file that you may need in the future just because of some space.


So, are you confused about how to clear your clipboard? Here are several steps you can follow on Clear clipboard Android. We have given you all the methods to try some of the tips you will need doing the process. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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