WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing this is the question we all want to ask to google or someone else. But deep down in our hearts we all want to know about this trick or you may want to call it a trickery. We all live in a era where status are an important thing as in a life or social media. And some days we all want to see certain someones WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing.

Certain someone being your worst enemy or your friend whom you have not being talking but still care to look into their life. So here we are with a method to help you do that without them knowing. So if you have read about these tricks please avoid them.

That if you open the status in whatsapp web with the airplane mode it will work. Well it will not. As per the new updates it will load until there is not internet. So it defeats the purpose of it.


You can also download whatsapp from here without any problem

So here are some methods to uncover WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing:

1: Read Receipts

This is one of the legitimate method that you can try to do to see WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing. So for this part you don’t have to do petty things like turning the phone and laptop on airplane mode and pray that the status will open. For this method you have to change the setting of read receipts. You don’t have to depend on the third party apps that can make you banned. Now lets get into it.

First thing you have to do is open the whatsapp and then click on the three dots on the top right corner and then click on the setting.

Now click on the account and then go to the privacy setting. In this section you will find all the privacy related options that you can get. Now click on the read receipt option. And if you haven’t changed it before you will find this setting enabled by itself. You just have to turn it off.

WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing

It is done. Now you can just see anyones WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing. But this has one drawback that you won’t be able to see who are the ones watching your status. So it goes both ways.

WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing

2: File Manager

The important requirement for this trick is that you should have a File Manager having a feature of ‘Show hidden file feature’. We suggest you to use a third-party app as most of the native file manager apps don’t have this feature. The one we recommend is Files by Google as it has this feature in the settings menu.

You have to tap on the hamburger icon to enable which is available on top left corner of the screen. Now open Settings and enable the option of ‘Show hidden files’.

Please ensure that the status tab in WhatsApp is open before browsing the files. You should do this so that it pre-loads the story. Now open the File Manager app and scroll down to Internal storage. In this you have to select the WhatsApp folder.

WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing

Now in the bottom, Media folder will be visible. Open this folder and the tap on Statuses (hidden folder). The stories that have been preloaded will all be available in this folder.

WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing

3: Airplane Mode

The above mentioned methods require a few steps to accomplish the task. However, this is the oldest trick and doesn’t consist of multiple steps. The only thing you gotta do is open WhatsApp and click on the Status tab. Now swipe down the tab from top of the screen and click on the icon of Airplane mode. Because of this the app will not be able to connect to the server as the internet has been disconnected.

Now open the stories you wish to view and when you are done close the app. You should also clear the recent app tabs. That is all you have to do and others won’t be able to see your name in the seen users list.

WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing

4: View just before Expiry

As you all know that a story remains active for 24 hours after uploading it. When you view a story which is about to expire then you will be able to escape the list of seen users. You will be able to keep it a secret as your friends won’t view the list so late and even if they do the window will be closed. This trick is basically hit and trial but is worth a try!


So what we have provided here is a gem and comes to everyone minds once. Don’t you worry we have got you all covered in this blog. Here are some of the different methods where you can see WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing. Hope you find this interesting and helpful. Thank You for the read.

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