Xbox is one of the best video gaming brands created and owned by Microsoft. It is designed to provide an amazing gaming experience for users. But, you might not used Xbox, because of your Android device. Worry not. With the original Xbox emulator for android, you can get the best gaming experience by playing top-notch games like StarWars, Battlefield, and much more. If you wonder how?, this article will talk everything about installing the original Xbox emulator for android devices.

What is Xbox?

If you don’t know about Xbox, it is one of the world’s best video gaming consoles, owned by Microsoft. It was first released on Jan 16, 2018, for Linux and Windows, Mac, Nintendo, Xbox One systems.

Benefits of Gaming in Xbox –

  • You will never loose a saved game.
  • You can connect to PC.
  • Control with your phone.
  • Monitor your bandwidth.
  • Get access to the HBO shows.
  • Track your gaming progress.
  • Preview before buy.
  • Share games with Home Xbox.
  • Quick installation and Button remapping.
  • Enhanced compatibility.

Xbox Emulator for Android and it’s Working

Xbox emulator for android is the APK developed to emulate the best gaming experience in your android phone. If you don’t have a PC or want to play popular games on Android, the Xbox android emulator is the best choice for your needs.

It will help you more when you are traveling, as you cannot have a PC setup on traveling. But with your Android and Xbox, you can rock it all.

When you install the Xbox emulator in android, it will run on Xbox operating system. It will then transfers the instructions to your Android operating system.

It will be a serious exchange of binary instructions between Xbox and Android. So, it will require some power for the process.

Original Xbox Emulator for Android

The original Xbox emulator for android is the first generation gaming console. Once you install the emulator, it will run through your android system and thereby facilitates the high-end Xbox gaming experience for you.

All you need to do is to download and install the original Xbox emulator APK for android.

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Install Original Xbox Emulator for Android

Downloading and installing Xbox emulator apk is easy. First you have to download the APK file and then follow these stpes.

  • Download the Xbox emulator APK here.
  • If you have any older versions of the APK, delete it before installing the new one.
  • By default, your android phone will trust the apps from unknown sources.
  • So, Open Settings, then move to app permissions and enable Allow from this source or unknown source.
  • Then open the downloaded APK and click on install option.

Make sure you have un-installed previous version of the APK before installing new one.

  • That’s it. Open and run the APK.

Best games to play on Xbox android

I hope, you have successfully installed the Xbox emulator and it’s time to rock.

You can get thousands of games on Xbox. You can also preview it before buying it. So, here is the small list of games that you can consider playing on your android emulator.

1. Minecraft

  • Minecraft is often called as one of the best games of all time.
  • It was first released in 2011 and later bought by Microsoft in 2014.
  • It is a different pixelated 3D world. You can build somethings with available materials and also involves other aspects.
  • This game has 120 million active users.

2. Fortnite

  • One of the best battle royale games in the recent times.
  • You have to fend enemies to emerge as victorious.
  • There will be 100 players at a time and the last man standing gets all.
  • A very good action packed game and you will love it for sure.

3. Call of Duty

  • It is a kind of game which needs no introduction.
  • Since it’s arrival in Xbox, it has gathered huge fanbase.
  • The game copies were sold more than 250 million times across the globe.
  • You can be on duty on your android.


Xbox is one of the leading gaming consoles around the world. With the help of the Xbox android emulator, you can enjoy the true gaming experience on your phone. As told above, download the APK, install and run it. I hope you got most of the information that you searched for. Happy Gaming!!!

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