How to block someone on tinder? A question that arises on many people’s mind when they see someone whom they don’t want to see. A thought of meeting a family member or a friend you don’t to see on tinder sends a chills to our spine. How ever tinder has few solutions for us where we can block people we dont want on tinder. We know this perfectly sums up your dating life.

There can other reasons too where you want to block is when someone’s being a nuisance or just annoying. Also you can download tinder from here Android|| iOS.

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How to block someone on tinder

There are three ways by which you can learn How to block someone on tinder. One of the way is directly blocking the people from your contact list. This feature in tinder allows you to directly add people from the contact list to the block list. This feature is as simple as it sounds let us explain you how to block someone on tinder

Block Contacts on Tinder

This is one of the latest feature introduced by Tinder. That is why you may or may not have missed this feature because the option pops up when you first install. You don’t have to worry much because you can access it within the app also.

  • You just have to open the app and then click on the profile icon on the top right corner. And after that click on the setting icon.
How to block someone on tinder
  • Now after opening the settings you will find an option of blocked contacts. After that you will see the tabs of blocked contacts and contacts.
How to block someone on tinder
  • Now just scroll through the contact list you want too block. Then select the contacts you want to block and then click on the  Block x Contacts at the bottom of the screen to seal the deal. Once you have added your contacts to the blocked list. You will be directed on the page where all the contacts are displayed in the blocked list.
How to block someone on tinder
  • Now if you think you have added someone by mistake in your block list. You can easily unblock people too. Just click on the unblock option that is just beside every contact you have added to the list.
  • It is also possible that you can just add some of the contacts that are not in your phone. You just have to click on the +sign on the top right corner. Then you can just add the contact number and email id of the person and you can directly block them.
How to block someone on tinder

 Block Friends and Family Profiles on Tinder

So the first method will help you block all the friends and family member on the tinder. Additionally, there are three other options that come in handy and make the selection process quick. That is how you can know How to block someone on tinder.

  • Selecting the contacts: In this you can select the contacts in bulk and you can just add them to your block list. After that you can also just deselect them to move them away from the list.
  • Unblocking everyone: You can just unblock everyone with one click.
How to block someone on tinder

Unmatch and Hide Profiles on Tinder

Sometimes you can regret your decision and want to unmatch a profile on Tinder. It happens when you stumble upon a wrong match after you’ve been using Tinder for some time. In this case you always have an option to unmatch such profile and hide it on Tinder.

  • When you open Tinder, there is a Messages tab on the top. Go into Messages and open that person’s chat you wish to block. For this, you have to tap on the profile icon.
  • Now for unmatching and hiding your profile, in the top right corner you will see a Safety Toolkit icon and tap on it. A pop up will appear with an option of Unmatch and Report. So when you will tap on Unmatch then a confirmation box will appear. Select the YES UNMATCH option and it is done.

After this process, that particular contact will be removed from your profile. And you don’t have to worry as neither of you will be able to see each other on the Tinder feed.


We have provided you with the details of How to block someone on tinder. We all want that particular someone from our family or friend to not appear on our tinder. It can all become awkward very quickly and it will not be good for your dating life which is not going as plan already. So here are some methods you can use to on How to block someone on tinder. Hope you find this information useful and thank you for read.

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