The post I am going to write today concerns all Motorala smartphone users as it talks about the Com Motorola Launcher 3. It is a stock launcher service being provided for Motorola users. It enhances the overall UI user experience of the users. So, today I am here to discuss the various features, uses and even the problems concerning this launcher. This discussion here will also veer into various information about Motorola devices and services.

About the Com Motorola Launcher 3

This launcher is generally like a stock application on Android platform used by Motorola devices. It helps its users to customize their user experience based on their preferences, by working on with the home scree and many other options. Also, it takes care of the way in which the applications are displayed on the screen. It also takes care of the various themes, overall it also takes care of the background working. Also, the launcher comes into use while making calls, sending texts, etc.

Com Motorola Launcher 3

Though, its not mandatory to use this launcher, users can also use various other launchers in its place. Although, this launcher comes as a default option for all Motorola device users.

Feature of Com Motorola Launcher 3

A Stock Launcher

This is one feature which differentiates this launcher from other launchers. It is thus, the one feature which makes this launcher stand out among its compatriots. It is pretty clean and uncomplicated in use that is, it is free of any ads and also provides the stock experience. Also, due to it being a stock application, it doesn’t drain out your battery. The battery drainage is usually the foremost common issue with custom launcher applications.

Simple Application Drawer

Launcher 3 comes with a really simple application drawer. A menu button is present on the desktop, wont to access the drawer containing all the applications. At the highest of the drawer reside the recent applications you used. Furthermore, multiple applications are often merged and stored during a folder.

Battery Efficient

Now that we all know that the Launcher 3 may be a stock launcher app, its worthless telling that it’ll be battery efficient. The best part is that the Com Motorola Launcher 3 application will always excel in respect to other custom launchers in terms of power-saving.

Why does Launcher 3 Crash?

You might have also encounter the error message com.motorola.launcher3 that has stopped working. Well, after browsing many posts and forums online. I even have come to the conclusion that the Launcher 3 application is susceptible to frequent crashes. Many of the Motorola users have reported this error message shooting up on their screen frequently.

The Android Activity Log

Android provides you with the feature of getting a sneak peek into your activities on your smartphone. This handy feature is, however, not showcased openly. You need to reach your Google settings to access the Activity Log. You can then, easily get an in-depth report of your usage in your Google activity settings. The Activity log keeps a record of all the apps you play with. It, also keeps track of the precise date and time of launching an application. However, the time duration that you bought cursed with the app isn’t stored. But, one may download this data also from Google allows users to download and even erase, if necessary, this data.

How to view the Activity Log

  • Launch the Settings App on your android device.
  • Enter the Accounts menu and choose Google.
  • Then, within Google, select the choice “Manage your Google Account.”
  • Tap the choice Data & personalization, present at the topmost
  • After entering the info & personalization, search for “Activity and timeline.”
  • Tap My Activity, within Activity and Timeline, to look at the Activity log.

How do we disable the default launcher — Com Motorola Launcher 3

Here I discuss the tactic of disabling the default launcher.

  • Launch the Settings App on your android device.
  • Attend the Apps/Applications section.
  • Search for your default launcher app and click on thereon .
  • Look for the ‘Clear defaults‘ option while scrolling down and click on thereon


In this post, as you have seen we did discuss on what the Com Motorola Launcher 3 is? Why is it on your phone, its uses and its various other functionalities. We have seen the various fixing issues to handle when a problem such as these arise. Now that we know about the various technicalities.

By and through this article, thus, I suppose I have made myself pretty clear. But, in case, you still have some doubts lingering. Then, please do write to me in the comments section and I am as always, ever-ready to help you. And, also solve your many queries and problems.

Until then bidding you Good-Bye !!! Ok, wait ….. before you go, you may check out my various other posts. Also, for the simple reason, that is, to enhance your knowledge on various other topics of importance. Also, where ??? Here…… 

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