Twitter is all about tweets. It is a social media platform that shares information through tweets. It is also one of the popular social media used and followed by people everywhere on the planet . But, in some cases, most of the users want to understand how they will view private tweets without following the person on Twitter. If you are one of those people then, you are at the right place. Here, I will discuss How to view a Private Twitter Account 2021.

How to view a Protected Twitter Account 2021

So, Why to see Protected Tweets?

Twitter can really be an excellent resource for maintaining with interesting people, learning new information. And, also, staying updated on current trends and gossip. However, sometimes it’s desirable to “unfollow” an individual’s profile. Albeit you would like to read the new updates of people you may know. Why? It may be for various reasons of privacy or because you do not want to advance the person’s profile to seem more influential by having a more followers or fans.

So, here I am to inform you that, it’s really simple to look at a personal tweet without following them on twitter. Users can really prefer to make their tweets public if they want. So, that anyone can see them. Also, users can make their tweets protected so that only approved followers can view them. Therefore, most of the people want to understand the ways to view protected tweets. Some users protect their tweets so only close business contacts can view tweets which will contain strategic or commercially-sensitive information.

Looking at it generally, there is no hard and fast way to access a Twitter users’ protected tweets without their permission. So, if you would like to look at protected tweets you have to follow the user and await them to approve your follow request. Users also can prefer to make their tweets public so anyone can see them or protected so only approved followers can view them.

What happens afterwards

After approval, the user’s protected tweets will display as normal tweets that you simply can view from the Twitter platform. A thing to note here, is once you create an account, your profile is public by default . Your tweets are often there to be seen by the 500 million+ active users. This happens to be a touch extra overwhelming if you’re a personal user.

So, following different methods, you’ll view private tweets. If you would like to use Twitter to talk with family and friends, having numerous eyes on your content won’t be what you wish . So, what do people do in that case? Well, as me, you’ll also protect your Tweets.

Now, lets see how to view Protected Tweets.

How to view a Private Twitter Account 2021

Twitter is a platform, which gives you privacy and therefore the ability to regulate your information. In similarity, to how a personal Facebook profile can restrict everyone but your friends from seeing your updates. It can be that, sometimes you only want to make an account to speak with some of your close relatives privately. These are those situations where using protected Tweets and a personal account is ideal for the users.

A simple privacy feature which comes in very handy most of the times, on Twitter is that it allows you to control how people can look you abreast on Twitter account.

  • Go to the Twitter Settings tab and search for Discoverability section.
  • There you’ll choose if other users can find you on Twitter using your email address or telephone number.
  • One can view and manage any contacts one has uploaded to Twitter or prefer to remove uploaded data from one’s account.
  • There you can find the Account Privacy section, which provides you to choose the way to modify it to a personal account.
  • Once enable, only followers who follow you are eligible see your posts.
  • Any new follower(s) will need to have an approval by you personally.

General situations — How to view a Private Twitter Account 2021

In general situations, it is seen, that you may have simply linked your Facebook profile to your Twitter account — either by choice or by using a Facebook account to login to Twitter. What happens during this scenario is that when anyone visits your Facebook profile, it shows them that you simply also are available on Twitter. To avoid this :

  • Head to your Settings section.
  • Then go to Account
  • Followed by the Linked Accounts section
  • Go to Facebook, and choose the “Un-link Account” option.

Using third-party tools

Normally If a user has set to private / protect their tweets in the Privacy settings, other people/user will not able to see their recent or other posts. People generally can only see their profile images and other basic information. Information like, the number of tweets posted by the user, the number of followers and the following in their account, the number of likes, etc. But I am gonna tell you a way to view the protected tweets from other user who protect their tweets.

One needs to use the domain to access your twitter account.
There are generally, some conditions needed to success reproduce this vulnerability like :

  • The Protected User needs to connect their twitter account with
  • Use the API to Access the Protected Tweets

Various steps on how to view a protected twitter account 2021 :

Protected User’s Side :

  • Protected User’s account is
    • Lets say the Protected User has already set to protect his/her tweets via 
    • Now when other user try to visit victim profile it will look like this 
    • One can then, visit and chose twitter.
    • Allow and or Authorize Niche to use your account and complete the rest (including confirming your email address).

On your side (the viewer side) :

  • The viewer needs to have twitter account and also it is not necessary to have Niche account here.
  • One needs to just visit[users_twitter]( in this case the victim is , the viewer will show some important information disclosures regarding the Protected User’s Account .
  • Then, scroll down the page till you get to see something like this /users/52667/posts?accounts=162059 
  • Open it, so the full URL will become
  • Now you (the viewer) will have Access to Protected Tweets from victim account.  


Through this article, I have tried to explain How to view private tweets that are protected by Twitter through privacy settings. We have also seen various methods through which we can view Protected Personal tweets. Methods like having links to 3rd-party websites and also by installing various third-party tools.

By and through this article, thus, I suppose I have made myself pretty clear. But, in case, you still have some doubts lingering. Then, please do write to me in the comments section and I am as always, ever-ready to help you. And, also solve your many queries and problems.

Until then bidding you Good-Bye !!! Ok, wait ….. before you go, you may check out my various other posts. Also, for the simple reason, that is, to enhance your knowledge on various other topics of importance. Where ??? Here……

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