After an eventful and stressful day out what one needs is just music to relax and relieve the stress. If you love to listen to music with different effects, you can try out your own custom impressions on the various sound editing apps.  If you want to control the music on your phone to suit your needs and want to try the music with different effects, then you must have various different app for sound effects on your phone.

Below is a list of some of these apps which will help you create your own relaxing and time-passing music. As, these apps also allow you to easily add or remove several effects in your phones.

The first one, Brain-chilling Sound Effects

If you’re keen on horror movies furthermore you love brain-chilling sound effects, if yes, then this app is created for you. This is a well-liked app and allows you to produce shivery sounds on your smartphone. It’s straightforward and simple to use shivery and prank app to make pranks along with your friends and family. The best thing is that you just may attach it with a speaker in order that your friends/ family can genuinely get afraid.
This app has over forty completely different shivery sounds in order that you don’t have to be compelled to repeat constant sounds if you would like to scare somebody over once.

You can simply use these sounds simply by one faucet and may  conjointly  build them as your notification alert, ringtones or alarm.

Sci-Fi Sound Effects

This app permits you to create completely different Sci-Fi sounds as your ringtone, notification alert or alarm.
A large assortment of Sci-Fi sound is listed here which may want to edit music. One and the most effective feature of this app is to form Sci-Fi music exploitation associate degree emended exposure.

Gunfire Sounds

If you would like to be in an exceedingly military atmosphere, or you somehow anyways love the sound of gunshots, then this app is the best for you.

app for sound effects

This app permits you to create virtual gunshot sounds for any smartphone. This app features a massive assortment of gunshots of different weapons that you’ll  simply use to create your notification alert, your ringtones or perhaps your alarm when you choose your favorite weapons.

Cartoon Sound Effects

The app is one of the most effective sound apps among the list of apps. Thanks to its effects on sound and prime quality of music. A feature of the app contains completely different cartoon sounds. Herein, you’ll set any music from the app as a ringtone and notification tone to create fun of and entertain others. You’ll also choose and make music from the app per the cartoon characters faces. 


This app is for naughty individuals. This app thus, helps you create completely different fart sounds/voices from your phone. This may also be used to embarrass your friends in front of other people.
This app has thirty completely different fart sounds together with wipe out, dirty Raoul, the brown two-winged insects et al.
You have simply to pick out the sound name and press that fart button to form a effect. It conjointly has the choice to record fart on your smartphone.

Voice Changer

It’s a tremendous and sole app  to vary your voice on the smartphone. By accessing this you’ll record voice, edit else adding sound effects on the voice in straightforward steps. A useful feature of the app is you’ll share the saved, emended tone to others through completely different sharing sites and applications. You’ll also edit the voice and music to line as a ringtone or alternative notification tone on your Smartphone.

My Talking Tom

The app is developed by Outfit7 to enable youngsters to adopt the virtual baby kitten from the app to repeat any voice uttered. It has the power to concentrate by recording your audio and repeat the word within the same tone, even it makes adults return to their kid’s age. The facilities of recording, dynamic voice effects, saving, and sharing the audio file at intervals the friends’ circle are going to be potentially very enthralling and captivating.


This app offers the ability to feature completely different sound effects to music. It is the most renowned app among this generation of individuals to edit the standard of sound from music, volume of tone, and song from various effects. The app also allows you to re-edit the music that you have got saved already through Spotify and/or Soundcloud accounts.

Sound Effects by TMSOFT

Sound effects in life maybe needed at any sudden moment. It might be that you are with your friends enjoying your time, and suddenly, you came up with a good joke and you wish some reasonably comedy sound to amplify it.
This Sound Effects app can thus, assist you realize completely different signals for these sudden things and any occasion.
The collection has over fifty completely different audio, that is continually updated with each update. And there you go on your editing and enjoying spree.


This is mind management and psychological feature sound app. It’s a group of psychological feature sound effects that may amend and change your mind.
There is conjointly associate degree choice to voice to text and text to voice choice. This feature of the app helps you to regulate it along with your voice.

Animal Sounds

This app features a list of various animal sounds. You may enable the sound effects from the app to line as input device tone. Use this app to own fun by making use of animal sounds. Even you can use this app to show  your  child and teach them to understand difference in sounds of different animals. By teaching the animal sounds your baby will establish sounds of the animal at such a nascent age.

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Sound Board – Comic Effects

By using this app it becomes straightforward to revive your spoken communication or attract attention to the corporate. This application also features an assortment of various sounds.
Sound Board thus, offers you complete freedom of action, and you’ll use the tools for your power. For example, you’ll meet an individual in a club and add a  humorous sound to your phrase. Just in case of a failure,  you may then invariably place the sound of disappointment “OOOHHH”. Maybe during this case the person changes his mind and appreciates your originality and sense of humor.

Sound Board — Funny Sounds !

As you’ll perceive from the name, Sound Board could be a virtual board with buttons. By pressing any of the buttons, your smartphone can thus, blurt out sure-shot sounds that may be funny or thematic. The board may be either with funny and silly sounds or with necessary – as an example, approval or crowd response.

100 Sound Buttons

You may have heard that once shooting sitcoms and television series in an exceedingly special area, the sound director used to press the buttons with the mandatory sounds. The sounds may be a frame laughter, an automobile sound, applause, or also can be any alarm.
100 Sound Buttons can thus, assist you become or feel like a true sound director and press these amazing buttons and enjoy your custom creations.

app for sound effects


In this post, I have thus, gone through various sound effects editing apps. You can hence, use these apps for your various needs and requirements. These may thus, be used to create a fun element or maybe a more sad and depressing tone. Or also for that matter whatsoever and howsoever sound effects you need.

Thus, hoping that these apps be of more than valuable use to you. If you have any queries or you face any difficulty while handling these apps, then write your queries and problems in the comment section and I will readily help you all.

Until then, look here for other posts and let’s see you the next time.

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