While working rigorously your firestick might get slow. So here we bring you how to clear cache on firestick. It might get slow or stuck while you are running app or some show on TV.

Clear cache on firestick

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What is firestick?

It is an plugin device that can be plugged in your smart TV from HDMI port. It can be used for streaming service by the help of internet connection on TV. Firestick helps to view NetflixYouTube, Hulu, AmazonDisney plus, and more television broadcastings.

Clear cache on firestick

Versions of firestick:

Version 1:

Specialities: Dual core 1.2 GHz processor, 8 GB storage, 802.11n WIFI, Bluetooth 3.0, High definition 720p or 1080p, 1GB Ram, Broadcom BCM 28145.

Version 2:

Specialities: 4K video resolution, 1.7GHz quad-core processor.

Version 3:

Specialities:High definition 720p or 1080p, 802.11 WIFI, Bluetooth 4.1, 1GB Ram, 8GB storage, MediaTek 8127D quad core ARM, 1.3 GHz processor.

Effects of stored cache?

Stored cache is a stored corrupted data that can lead to sudden hangs of your Firestick. While using the FIrestick it can be Sudden movement fewer stagnations. A large amount of cache can lead to problems during the use of the app in which it is filled with. When using the app for watching the video through the internet. It can slow down due to cache filled in the firestick. That is why we bring you the solution of Clear cache on firestick? Videos can also be stuck while watching something that might spoil the mood. The TV frame rate might also reduce due to increase cache.  Audio and video synchronization may not be well in it due to resource wastage in the cache itself. So you need to clear the cache on firestick.

Cache and slow performance so you have to Clear cache on firestick :

Continuously using Firestick might deplete its performance and can degrade its energy. You can increase its performance by updating the apps. Understanding the reasons for slower performance helps you in this work. The cache can be stored in the Firestick and can reduce its performance.

The Problems: The device can be overheated and over bloated by the cache. And the device can run on fumes and will reduce in speed. It can also ruin your experience. Thats why is important to Clear cache on firestick.

WiFi is the most important component of your Firestick. It might have some interruptions while working and you might receive a message of overheating. The main effect of any distractions to the device will first affect the WIFI component. 

Then you have to restart the device. You will receive a continuous notifications of your device overheating. If it gets neglected by you it will automatically reboot your device.

What is a Firestick cache?

While using Firestick you may have to install many apps for your usage. After downloading the apps you can store cache in your device. While using the Firestick throughout time it might get slow due to cache stored in the device. It is important to clear Clear cache on firestick.

How to Clear cache on firestick?

Cache that can be stored in your device might slow it down. The stored cache in your device can be corrupted and might slow your device. You have only one way to get rid of them is that you have to delete them. You can just delete all the cache with one click.  So, select the apps one by one and click clear cache on each on the firestick TV menu ( use the steps mentioned at the top of the article).

If you have increase the size of the storage in your device. Then you need to check the size occupied by apps and then involve in deleting.

How to check app size?

  • You have to first open settings.
  • Then you have to Select My Fire TV.
  • Choose about.
  • Then you have to enter storage and verify with file size details of the apps you wish to delete. 
  • When you have to delete the caches. You have to be aware of the cache sizes. You have to delete them accordingly. It has to deleted in three stages accordingly.

Clear your cache: You have to clear all the cache when it limited and temporary.

Valuable tips which you need on your firestick:

Installing games and apps on your Fire TV device?

  • first you have to long press your home button on your remote.
  • Then select the apps you have to download.
  • Then download the apps or games you want to download.

Setting parental controls on firestick?

  • First open the homepage of Fire Tv, select settings.
  • Select the preferences, in the menu.
  • Then just select the parental control.
  • To enable the control, enter a PIN.
  • Now, set your viewing restrictions.

How to uninstall apps from your Fire TV?

  • Go to applications.
  • Select manage.
  • Then you have to choose uninstall.
  • Then follow the options to forgive

How to clear cache on firestick?

Follow the steps to clear cache on firestick:

1: First proceed to the Settings on your TV firestick.

2: Then you have to choose the application that you want to clear the cache from.

Clear cache on firestick

3: Then you have to visit Manage Installed Applications, after that select the app you have problem with.

4: Now you have the option of clearing the cache. From the apps you want to remove them.

Clear cache on firestick

5: And if you want to remove the cache from other apps just press the back button from your remote. Then select the app you want to remove the cache from.


We have provided you all the details of how to Clear cache on firestick. And we have provided you with details of it affects your firestick. How to uninstall apps. How to update them. What are the other important things that are required on firestick. So after giving the complete detail. We hope you find your solution here. Thank You for the read.

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