As we are pacing towards the digital world, IoT is the buzz word everywhere. Since people started using the internet on their devices, the Internet of Things has gained more prominence than ever. Its impact is not limited to one field and IoT just continued to make tremendous contributions in many fields. Now, in this article, we will be talking about applications of IoT in Automobile industry in 2021. 

In brief, we are manufacturing over 70 million automobile units per year. By the end of the year 2017, the Automobile industry became a 3 trillion dollar market. You should believe me, the automobile industry is contributing 3.9% to the global GDP(Gross Domestic Production). 

The innovations in IoT paved the way for many creative products in the Automotive industry. To be specific, the cars are the most advanced units making the most out of the Internet of Things. Nowadays, vehicles are becoming smarter by leveraging the power of IoT. So, we have listed the top 5 applications of IoT in the Automobile industry. 

1. Fleet management

applications of IoT in automobile industry

With the innovations in IoT, the automotive sector got the best out of it in the fleet management services. If you wondering about fleet management, it is the management of commercial motor services such as cars, trucks, bikes, and more for the work purpose. 

The modern trucks are filled with cutting edge technologies like Location tracking, weight management, and multiple sensors for useful purposes. As you know, the IoT devices will collect and store data in the database, and in this case, they are connected to the cloud.

Later this stored data is processed and managed to use for various analytical purposes. A data team in any firm can go through it can draw various insights which eventually helps in better fleet management and reduces the Burdon and avoids the losses.


  • Real-time location tracking and monitoring.
  • Weight tracking of each truck.
  • Get the traffic conditions of the track fleet is moving.
  • Time and Personal management.

2. Connected Cars

automobile industry

The process of connecting cars is not a novel idea. With 250 million cars by 2020, according to Gartner, there is a huge opportunity to connect them over the internet. The cars will connect over the system named CV2X.

The CV2X stands for “Cellular Vehicle to Everything”, which is defined as connecting vehicles using the cellular technology, LTE (Long Term Evolution), to connect the vehicles to infrastructure, fellow riders, and real-time cloud services. 

Based on the connection type, the CV2X system is classified into 4 types.

  • The Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)
  • The Vehicle to Pedestrians (V2P)
  • Vehicle to Network (V2N)

3. Automotive Maintenance System


As we are pacing towards digitality, our cars are becoming smarter than ever. Predictive analytics is now the most prominent part of IoT. The cars are having multiple sensors and IoT devices which will actively collect the data and store it in the Cloud.

Later, through the predictive analytics techniques, you can analyze the Dara and then predict the future aspects of the data. With this, you can keep track of your car’s parts and condition precisely. 

This will save you lot of time and money as you can monitor the vehicle’s body parts more accurately and more importantly in the real-time.

4. The Autonomous Vehicles

self driving cars

Autonomous or self-driving cars or driverless cars are the trending topics now. Many automobile giants are in the race of building their first autonomous cars. People have published many models and still, there is a lot of scope for development in this area to launch a complete working model. 

But you will be happy to hear about semi-autonomous cars, which will perform simple functions to assist you in your drive. This includes smart parking sensors, auto gear cars, smart dashboard, and indications such as fuel, lights, automatic door locking, and more. 

The IoT techniques used in those semi-autonomous cars will take immediate decisions in the spot through artificial intelligence it will react to the current situation. Till now, these features have worked well, and still a lot of lore to come and the list grows ever!!!

Conclusion – Applications of IoT in Automobile industry

The innovation in the Internet of Things is revolutionary for the automobile industry. With the help of IoT devices and techniques, the vehicles are becoming smarter and safer day by day.

The terms like self-driving cars, fleet management will be the future of IoT in the automotive industry. Still, there is a lot of research going on these topics and very soon you will get to see these things on road. 

That’s all for now, these are the top 4 applications of IoT in automobile industry. Grow smart, Live smart with IoT!!!

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