You may wonder if I tell that only 26% of the global coders are listening to the podcasts!. The majority of people don’t even know that programming or coding podcasts exist. It’s time to limelight the best podcasts for programmers which are not only interesting but informative and effective.

This article is for the rest 74% of the global people like you who code but never listened to a podcast for a programmer to date.

Why podcasts for programmers are important?

Podcasts are the old radio-styled audios which are very informative and even effective for those who are willing to listen or learn something new.

They are very helpful as they allow you to listen while you are doing other works as well. There are tons of podcasts are available on the web mostly for free and trust me they are of top-notch quality.

Be there with me for another 10 minutes, I will show you the best 5 podcasts for the programmers like you.

1. CodeNewbie

As the name suggests, the Code Newbie focuses on novice programmers. If you just started your coding journey then these podcasts can be a game-changer for you in no time.

podcasts for coders

In CodeNewbie, the host Saron Yibarek will bring guests who are at peak in programming every week and discusses their journey in coding. The guest will talk about how they started, their first job as a programmer, and many more interesting things in their coding life.

Click here: CodeNewbie Podcasts

2. Shop Talk Show

If you are a person who loves Full-Stack development or if you are a Full-Stack developer then Shop Talk Show is an excellent platform for you to get started your development journey.


The hosts, Dave and Chris will be answering all your queries and questions reading the topic. Note that it will be a Rapid fire round and you will get all questions answered along with a lot of Fun.

The guests include industry top saviors in web development who shares their invaluable knowledge and experience with you, which is priceless for a developer like you.

Click here: Shop Talk Show podcasts

3. Software Engineering Daily

Another most popular and effective podcast for programmers is Software engineering daily. This podcast is not limited to a single topic. whatever may be your aspect, the Shop Talk will address that.

software engineer daily

There is plenty of worthy content that is provided in Shoptalk. Most experienced along with youngsters will give all the tips and ideas about learning, jobs and much more every week.

Click here: Software Engineering Daily podcasts

4. JavaScript Jabbler

As you can see in the title the JavaScript Jabbler will promise you tons of Java programming related audio content.


These podcasts will teach about all the required java programming aspects and frameworks used in java. It will discuss all the necessary techniques and ideologies which will surely make your basics strong and pushes you to get more.

Click here: JavaScript Jabbler

5. Developer Tea

One thing I loved about Developer Tea is that it provides a short 10-20 minutes podcasts which are highly designed for your tea breaks.


You can expect a podcast every two to three days as well. The good thing about this podcast is it will cover the topics like freelancing, client relationships, projects, and many more which is not a part of other podcasts.

Click here: Developer tea podcasts

Wrapping Up – Podcasts for programmers

The podcasts are one of the best ways to gain knowledge about your work or any other learning curves.

They are highly flexible as you can listen to them while doing another task also. Each day each topic, Every weekend, Each guest…

The guest will be industry pioneers and their knowledge and experience are invaluable for a programmer like you. These are the best 5 podcasts for programmers to listen to in 2020-2021.

That’s all for now. Happy listening!!!

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