Hey, on any given day, you can find multiple third party app store for iOS both as a user or as an app owner. As we know iOS app store has a global recognition and if you are launching an app, you have to face a massive competition to make some space for you. As an user also, if you are in a hunt of some particular apps, but you are disappointed with default iOS store, you can always find your particular ones in the third party app stores for iOS.

Why third party app store for iOS?

  • Gives you best deals on your app launch and featuring then the default app store.
  • You can easily highlight your app and can make your app standout without much competition.
  • These third party apps stores for iOS are the most profitable ones than the Apple app stores. Because they allow local apps to target particular regions.

1. GetJar App store for iOS

Founded within the year 2004 by Ilja Laurs, GetJar is an independent app store created by app developers for beta testing platform. The iOS store alternative has over 0.85M apps available on the platform and bags investor backing from Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management.

Click here: GetJar app store for iOS

2. The Appland store for iOS

Appland is that the perfect iOS store alternative if you’re trying to focus on end-users in international markets including Indonesia, Mexico, Oman, USA, Iran, El Salvador , Malaysia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Panama, Myanmar, Cambodia, Egypt, etc.

It lags a touch with conceptual clarity in terms of distribution and revenue model. But the app store support is extremely responsive, making it deserve your consideration.

Click here: Appland iOS App store

3. TutuApp for iOS

The key speciality of the tutuapp store is, it is itself is an app. Over 300 million iOS users are using the tutuapp as an store to get their specific apps. The tutuapp has an easy app submission process, which means, you can easily add the apps here without much complexation.

Don’t forget to try the tutuapp for all your iOS store needs!

Click here: Tutuapp as iOS app store.

4. AppValley for iOS

Just like the above app stores, the app valley will provides you tons of applications to download. Note that they are not available in the Apple app store an Google store as well.

The App valley will deliver the suited content for both iPhone an iPads for your usage requirements. It’s worth a try if you have a big list of apps to download which are not in the Apple store.

Click here: AppValley for iOS

Wrapping Up

You can be a user or a developer. But you have to face huge regulations and tight rules from the Apple app store. But you have some alternatives for that.

The above are the best third party stores for iOS to download your apps which are not available in the Apple store as well.

Hope this helps you. That’s all for Today, Happy browsing!!!

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