In this new generation we all have to use Chrome OS. But the problem arises when Chrome Os missing or damaged. There are many methods to solve the startup error. Which might solve the problem of Chromebook clients for Chrome Os missing or damaged.

Chrome Os missing or damaged

Like all the useful things in the world Chromebook OS Google-advertised operating system. Chrome OS is also called Chromebooks. There are problems with Windows OS and Mac OS. But unlike those operating systems Chrome Os has problem of being missing or broken. When the fault occurs a response message is sent to you that. Chrome Os missing or damaged.

You can recover the damage by attaching the USB recovery handle. We know it must be scary when the message pops up that Chrome Os missing or damaged. But here we are bringing you ways to fix Chrome Os missing or damaged.

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Possible Cause:”Chrome Os missing or damaged.”

If your operating system has trouble in accessing the Operating system. It means Chrome Os is either lacking or disabled. This is an simple initialization error which can occur at the start. It can also occur abruptly when you are device is use. The messages can be different based on your device which you are using but the cause is the same.

Part 1:How to fix the error on Chromebooks “Chrome Os missing or damaged”

Follow the steps to boot your Chromebook successfully.

  • First just turn your Chromebook Off and On. Just press on the power button until it turns off and hold it for few seconds. After waiting for 10 seconds turn it on again.
  • Secondly open the Factory setting in your Chromebook. Because unless you cant sign in your Chromebook. Then you can just powerwash your Chromebook to restore to its original state.
  • When the “Chrome Os missing or damaged” messages are already trapped in your operating system. So the last and the most sad method is to get a new operating system.

Part 2:How to fix “Chrome OS is missing or damaged”

While we say in comparison to Windows or MacOs. We can call Chromebook a little different. But it certainly has it downfalls and errors and mistakes. We can also compare the error of Chrome OS is missing or damaged. To windows Blue Screen Death (BSOD) problem. And we can tell you there is no easy way of saying this you are bound to lose data. But we are to save you some of the misery and tell you how to minimize the damage.

Follow The Steps To Fix the Issue:

Follow these simple procedure:

  • First you have to go the Chrome rescue window to rescue your yourself. For that press Ctrl + D Shortcut, if you are trapped in the “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” tab. After the shortcut you will get an option of rebooting your chromebook. Reboot your Chromebook and then the steps as they appear on the screen. Just the sad news is you will lose all your data. But your Chromebook will will return to working faultlessly after the reset process. Not the win win process but the only process.
  • And if your Chromebook does not support Ctrl + D Shortcut. Then you just have to make a recovery medium. A recovery medium can be build by any device Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS. You just have to do one thing is that. You have to launch Chromebook retrieval from Chrome only.
  • Now you just have to mount the hard drive. Where the recovery service has been mounted. And then get started with your work.
  • You must pick the Chromebook model. Then just install the your device’s Chrome OS image. Click the “Start” button afterward.
  • And in the next steps just pick the portable unit on which you have mounted the hard drive. Eventually it download the images and recover some of the lost data.
  • After being done with the process mount your damaged. Chromebook on the “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” display, with a portable hard drive or sd card. And it just detects the recovery content and then you can take the on screen guide. In the end you have solved Chrome OS is missing or bugged.

Reinstalling Chrome OS:

For Reinstalling Chrome OS you should have a new Chrome OS, Mac OS, or Windows operating machine. Plus you require some a flash drive or SD card of 4GB. To reinstall the Chrome OS operating system.

  • By clicking on the Add to chromium in the Chrome Web Store. You have just used Chrome on a work machine and installed Chrome Recovery tool.
  • Then the next step is to Launch the software and then enter the serial number of your Chromebook. After that you just have to follow the few simple steps  install Chrome OS to the external devices. Then remove the device USB or SD card after finishing.
  • To make modifications to your USB or SD card for Chrome Os. You can choose Yes or NO to disable the option.
  • After all this just press  Esc + Refresh and then restart your device. And your Chromebook is enabled and the work is done.

After all the process you will have your chromebook good as new. You might encounter some issue for that you just to contact some google Operator.

Factory reset:

If the chromebook is missing or broken return your Chromebook to factory settings. After logging into the Chromebook then only you can go to factory setting. Then you can delete all your system data. Users will have to backup the details beforehand on Google Drive.

You should follow these steps to reset the Chromebook:

  • You have to press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R so that you can continue after accessing the Chrome OS login screen and before authenticating.
  • When you find Reset this Chrome device then press Restart. So when the login screen will appear again, new version will be available. To continue, you have to click on the Powerwash button.
  • Tap on the Continue button.
  • Now you just have to sign in with your google account. After this, follow the on-screen prompts to finish it.


This is how you can restore missing or damaged errors on Chrome OS. This error is mainly caused due to machine file input/output failures and corruption. The difficult part is that you won’t be able to get back the data until it happens. As a precaution, you should always synchronize your local Google Drive files and directories.

Thank you for reading our blog. Hope it was useful to you!

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