Twitter is the new meta in today’s world. Twitter is the first platform that comes to mind when bloggers, businesses, comedians and politics think about their strategy to market online. It has a vast variety of audience all around the globe having different opinions. We are here to solve a problem that you might face on Twitter. Let us tell you how to pin someone else’s tweet.

You can pin any one of your own tweets which you like on the top of your profile page. You just have to find the tweet you like then on the top right of that tweet you will see an arrow icon. Click on that arrow icon and then click on Pin to your profile. After pinning it, this will become the first thing that people will see when they visit your profile.

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How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter

Sometimes it just happens that you like what someone else tweeted. Be it their thoughts or a funny meme you can relate to. But Twitter doesn’t let you pin anyone else’s tweet on your profile natively. People use different ways to do this. For instance, they retweet the tweet they like with a comment and then pin it on their profile. This blog will help you in pinning someone else’s tweet on Twitter in your profile in a much easier way. So here we go:

Like a Tweet, Pin it

You can pin tweets using either laptop/desktop or mobile phone. This is not a demanding procedure. You can do it easily just by following the five steps that is mentioned below.


Open your twitter account either on your laptop or phone. Then you have to head over to Twtools which is the Twitter tools website. You will see the option of ‘Pin any tweet’ on that page so click on it.

Pinning someone else's Tweet on Twitter


After clicking on ‘Pin any Tweet’, next page will appear. This page will ask you to ‘Allow access’ to grant permission to Twtools. So that you can pin the tweet of another person on your profile.

Pinning someone else's Tweet on Twitter.


In the next step, you have to give authorization to TwTools App. You can read what this app can do and give your permission if you are okay with it. You just have to click on ‘Authorize app’ option.

Pinning someone else's Tweet on Twitter


Now scroll down to the tweet you would like to get pinned on your profile. Copy the link of that tweet from the omnibar if you are using laptop/desktop. You have to click on arrow on the top right of the tweet if you are using mobile phone. Next you have to click on ‘Copy Link to Tweet’ from the pop-up box that appears. This will copy the URL of the tweet on your clipboard. Also confirm that you have not retweeted it as TwTools cannot pin the tweet if you retweet it.

How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter


Now open the TwTools app and paste the tweet link. After this click on the option ‘Pin this tweet’. And you have done it. As easy as it comes.

Pinning someone else's Tweet on Twitter

Removing the pinned tweet

If you want to remove the pinned tweet, you can do it just as easily. You have to click on the ‘Retweet’ option and select undo retweet. As you can see this will remove the retweet as well as remove it from your profile.

Conclusion for How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter

This is an effortless process with just one shortcoming. You can only pin one tweet each day as per Twitter regulations. Apart from this, you will face no problem in pinning the tweets.