It is often said ‘Do what you love and love what you do.’ Money is an important criterion for anyone to choose their career. But will it keep your motivation up in the longer run? After a point of time, money still and should remain an important parameter but surely it is not the only one. Besides money, why you should code ? So that in the longer run it keeps you motivated and refreshed in your arena. Also doesn’t let you thinking about your career choices. If you are finding interest in coding here is our blog on top projects you can work on to learn and enjoy programming.

Why you should code

Top reasons Why you should Code:

1. Decide your own schedule:

Does this sound odd to you? Of course you will be having deadlines, meetings and conference calls. But for the most part you can still decide how and when to do your job. You can also take half day off (surely you would have to extra on weekends). Nonetheless it can come handy in emergency situations. Compare it from other job conditions where it is more important to be actually present than what you are doing. So, it can be some factor in why you should learn to code.

2. Work from home/remotely:

Working in the coding field provides you more opportunity than any other job to work from home. It complements the previous point also that you can decide your own timetable. You can take more vacations and more travelling. Only thing will matter is that you give your work on deadlines. You can have fewer hours for work and more time to embrace your trip while having skills like HTML and CSS and building sites you can never go a journey and explore while working like some with these skills do .In this way ‘Coding is life’ can become true for you.

3. More freelancing :

Due to a boom in the digital work where most work is down online, the need of skilled people who can fulfill demands of companies is also on rise. Companies also prefer to outsource their ancillary work or work for which they don’t have professionals in their office. So if you are willing to invest some of your extra time, you can earn a handsome amount with minimum of efforts. This is what can you do with coding.

4. You can deny uninteresting jobs if you want:

Say you don’t have any experience in coding. In this scenario you will have to go for any work opportunity you get in your way. So when you are a coder you know for sure that there is a huge opportunity of jobs from which you can choose from. If still you don’t get your dream job you can cling on for longer as you know for sure that something will surely come your way. In this way you can deny jobs you are not interested in and this is what can you make with coding.

Till then you can do some part-time jobs to sustain yourself.

5. Good return for your hard work:

As the tech world is fast changing, you will have to be on your toes to catch up. But it is not like other jobs where you will get appraisals, promotions and raise only after a fixed interval of time. Here you can grow exponentially if you keep yourself updated. This is the reason why you should learn to code. It will give you the independence you long for and the returns you deserve.

6. Become part of larger group:

How cool will it be that you are a part of a club that has a global footprint. People are ready to help you 24/7 from around the globe. Also seeing your own work in real life used by other people gives a sense of fulfillment. This is what can you do with coding. You can make an impact on life of other people and help them learn coding with you.

7. Have extra time to pursue Interests:

With fewer Hours of work, you can explore other fields of interest that you have been wanting to explore your whole life like hobbies your other passions or spending time with family which most of us never do.

Let me give you an example the owner of this site persuaded Coding as a hobby. In which he has to work few hours so he started exploring other fields so now he is an Youtuber and a blogger. And he has benefitted from his life as a coder and that’s why everyone who has a slight interest in coding should learn to code. As there are too many benefits of coding to not to pursue coding.


So this is more than enough reasons to support the argument that besides money, Why you should Code as a career option or You can also peruse coding as a hobby.

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