Earlier in our blogs we have brought for you top 5 Python certification courses and different types of games that you can build using Python. For instance, helicopter and car game, Pong game and flappy bird. So, here is our new blog on Python Projects for beginners where you will see some
programs for python can be used as python projects

Python is a multi-function programming language. This is because, contrary to, other languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc., it can be utilized for other kinds of programming. Due to the strong growth of software development, the popularity of Python has heightened. It is comparatively easy to use than Java and C which is why Python is perfect for beginners. As Tiobe says, “Java programming is too detailed for beginners.” Python languages include C++, Visual Basic.NET, C #, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Assembler. Many big organizations have already introduced Python as its main programming language. For instance, Netflix, Quora, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Top 5 Python Projects for Beginners

1. Instagram Bot is the first Python Projects for Beginners

Python Project for Beginners: Instagram Bot

If you are starting out as an influencer or blogger (Food, fashion, travel etc) on Instagram then Instagram Bots can be very helpful to you. These are valuable tools that can help to get more followers on Instagram. You can try the basic options used by everybody but they are time consuming and have no certainty. For instance, following people, using hashtags, posting everyday, using filters and so on. Instagram bots are free of cost, convenient and open source.

Instagram Bot will require the following things:

  1. Open a browser and login with your qualifications.
  2. For each hashtag in the hashtag show, it will open the page and click the principal picture to open it.
  3. It will at that point like, follow, remark and move to the following picture, in a 200 iterations loop (number can be balanced).
  4. Saves a record with all the people you followed utilizing the bot.

Source Code Link

2. YouTube Video Downloader is the second Python Projects for Beginners

Python Project for Beginners: YouTube Video Downloader

It is a basic YouTube downloader which takes URL of the YouTube Video from the client and saves it in your gadget. Various Video downloads simultaneously are likewise upheld by this downloader. We will utilize pytube3 library for our use.

We will see different things we can do with our Youtube Downloader and different functionalities it offers to us. Along these lines, we are going to do it using simple steps.

  1. Download the pytube3 library in your system. We will use python3 to do this.
pip install pytube3

from pytube import YouTube

2. Request the to client furnish us the link of the youtube video which we have to download. Client will at that point give us the link of the video he expects to download.

link = input(“Enter the link: “)
yt = YouTube(link)

3. Uncovering different Information about the Video. For instance, its title, number of views, ratings, description, length of the video and other things.

Uncovering video information

Python Program Link

3. Web Crawler is the third Python Projects for Beginners

Python Project for Beginners: Web crawler

A Web crawler, also known as spiderbot or Web Scraping is an Internet bot that deliberately browses the World Wide Web, regularly with the end goal of Web indexing. It is “programmatically going over a collection of web pages and extracting data.” Scratching is a two stage process:

Firstly, You methodically discover and download website pages.

Secondly,You take those pages and extract data from them.

  1. Install Scrapy with the command written below:

pip install scrapy

2. Create a new folder for the project.

mkdir brickset-scraper

3. Navigate into the new directory you just created.

cd brickset-scraper

4. Now make another Python document for our scraper called scraper.py. We’ll put the entirety of our code in this record. You can make this document in the terminal with the touch command, this way:

touch scraper.py

Python Program Link

4: Music Player

You can create Music Player application in Python with the help Tkinter and Pygame. Music is a hobby for everyone in this world everyone has a music player installed on every device they have whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac or even Android, Apple IOS.

So building a Music Player with the help of a music player is a nice idea. Python Programming Language has a rich support of libraries from which we can build our GUI music Player. The Libraries are:




Python Program Link

5: Alarm Clock

Being a beginner it’s very important to master the programming language and making a alarm clock is fun. Alarm Clock is a handy tool or may i say the most important tool now because of the amount of sleep we need in our lives now. The objective is to implement Alarm clock with Python. The libraries in Python make it a very simple build this project in Python. Libraries like tkinter and datetime will help you build user Interface to make the alarm clock according to need with both 24-12 hour format

Some libraries that needs to be installed are:




Python Program Link

Hope you find this information useful.

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