As the IT world develops worldwide and particularly in India, the demand of people with good coding/programming skills has also increased many folds. Not only programming helps in conventional jobs like coder in a reputed MNC. But also it opens the vast field of other jobs even from across borders and help you make money with coding. Even your personal hobby can become an arena to make money for you.

So today we will tell you about some jobs from which you can make money with coding:


One of the biggest area where programming find its worth. You can do it as a side job or even full time. It gives you the opportunity to show your talent and stand apart from the rest. But if you really want to make good money from freelancing you must have a good command on programming. You can create your Linkedin profile where you will meet people who are looking for creative and talented people. Also you can join Facebook groups which will take you to people like yourself and help you make money with coding. Best Sites to start freelance as a beginner are Freelancer and Fiverr


Make money with coding

You can start your blog on anything under the Sun. People will tell you that it is not easy to make money from blogging which is somewhat true but surely it all depends on your dedication and persistence. If you categorize your audience and cater to their needs and create a niche for yourself then nothing can stop you from becoming a successful blogger. Brands will then start to come to you for regarding their product promotion.

Develop games:

Who doesn’t like games but wouldn’t it be awesome if you earn money from making games. Well you can go solo, in small development groups or in big one. But if you want to start easy then you should start with some sort of group big or small. You have to first decide your area and work on that, otherwise you will be left struggling finding your spot. Also when you are some expert in any part of game making, it becomes easy for you to get hired by any big gaming company. We have some programming blogs on games you can build like car games helicopter games pong and flappy bird and also the on the libraries that helps to make them if you want to go in depth.

Create a YouTube channel:

Make money with coding

YouTube has now become a go to option for any type of problem that anyone faces. You with your programming skills can create your tech YouTube channel. People too have a lot of queries regarding coding languages, any particular problem that they face while doing their own projects. You can become like a teacher of any programming language or just upload small videos regarding common problems that people face or any latest technical knowledge that you think others will find useful. Here is our youtube channel where you can look for clues of what can you do to start your own youtube channel.

Website building:

It would be really a waste of time to explain you about the importance of website development. So, if you want to enter into this first, make your own template website. This will be helpful for you to explain to others that you have the required capability. Nowadays even small business outlets want their websites but don’t want to hire a permanent developer for it. As it would be costly for them and want a freelancer to do it for them. So you can make money with programming even by doing these jobs.

Coding competitions:

Make money with coding

Coding competitions are really very useful for college students. It will help you to create a nice CV for the interviewer and also help you to grow as a professional coder. You will get different platforms for this like Codechef, GeeksforGeeks etc. One of the plus point about this is even you lose and don’t get any money then also you will surely learn a lot. And that you can definitely use in your future endeavors. You can also win prize money in some of the coding/programming competitions.

Write/sell eBook:

Make money with coding

For starters you can write about anything and everything without thinking much about the editor/publisher. Just write about anything that comes to your mind and create a suitable/eye catchy title for your eBook. You should start by reading a lot of books/eBooks that can help you to approach writing eBooks. For starters you can go through this website if you are new and have a passion for writing.


Just one thing you should keep in your mind while you choose anything from our list or any other source that dedication and patience is the key to success and make money suing programming. You can’t just look to someone else’s success and think that you will reach there in one day. Surely those who are on top of their game would also have felt the same and came across similar problems which you have now but their dedication to do and succeed took them to heights that they are now. So here is a little help from our side to help you make money with coding in this covid ridden world.

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