Computers have become a necessity in our lives as our day to day routines are very dependent on these computers for doing both  our official as well as personal work. But do we know how these computers or these applications work on which we spend most of our days? There are some people who think whatever happens at the backend, should stay at the backend. But if you are interested in knowing what happens in the backend, this blog is for you.

It will help you decide the best resources from where you can learn one of the easiest and fun languages that makes programming fun, you may know it as Python. As we are shifting more of our focus on collecting data, mining data, and data analytics to predict the future through these data. As a result python has become a more important programming language in these growing times for data science. Python for data science is a stepping stone which will help you understand how data works. And how through data you can predict the future without any fuss as python is very easy to code.

So here are the top 5 best python courses online, and some basic information about them. This will help you choose the best resources to move forward with learning this language and getting into the big games of data manipulation and data processing:

Firstly: Udemy:

Udemy python Course


Are you looking to increase your skill set and look for your first python programming gig? Or to get promoted to a senior programmer position? Then the course provided by Udemy is the way to go as it provides everything you need to start building a project. The growing popularity of this programming language can be deduced by the number of enrolments. Udemy has a whopping 100,000 students who have left around 19,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5.

This course offers you courses in 16 different languages some of which are English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean. It also provides on demand video 24*7 lifetime access and a certification after completion of the course.

Topics covered:

v  Setting up Python

v  Python statements

v  Python 2 vs. Python 3

v  Object-oriented programming

v  Methods and functions

v  Errors and exception handling

v  Comparison operators

v  Decorators and generators

v  Basics of object and data structure

v  Advanced Python modules

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Secondly: Codecademy:

Codeacademy Python course


Codecademy is an interactive, clean and entertaining platform to learn any language, plus it offers an ad-free user experience. Students always find it difficult to run program through IDE. But with Codecademy, it is simple and fun. Codecademy’s 25 hour paid python 3 course doesn’t give you any precondition.

It provides you with good explanatory videos of every topic. Some project works to help understand the topic better, quizzes after every topic and interactive lessons. This also offers other projects as well, like Java and (IBM) Watson API. All the classes are free but the paid ones have better tools to work with.

Topics covered:

v  Working with lists

v  Python syntax

v  Using dictionaries

v  Looping in Python

v  Functions, function arguments, and control flow

v  Python modules

v  File operations using Python

You can (Sign up) here.

Thirdly: Coursera:

Coursera Python course


Coursera is a global online learning platform that provides you with a massive range of open online courses specializing in different fields and areas. You can build your skills through the different courses provided by Yale, New York, Stanford University and companies like IBM and Google.

So, if you want to learn at your own pace with high quality videos, there is a wide selection of online courses available with a degree at varying price points. Some courses are available for free and also a 7 day free trial.

Topics covered:

v  variables and expressions

v  loops

v  branching

v  try/except

v  functions

v  strings

v  lists

v  dictionaries

v  tuples

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Fourthly: Coding Blocks:

Coding blocks Python Course


Coding blocks provides very good programming language courses. The module provided by the coding blocks is very challenging and interesting at the same time. The Coding blocks Python for Developers course provides you with the basics of the language and everything else you need to plan a future with it as your skill set. It provides 50 well-explained videos and some very good doubt clearing classes.

This will help you learn the best tips and tricks while helping you get through the toughest of problems. With this course, you can revisit and revise any topic when you want to. It provides you with 24*7 support and then provides a certificate after the completion of the course.

Topics covered:

v  Data structures and functions

v  Control flow in Python

v  Parallel programming in the language

v   Modules for Python

v  Python for data science and automation

v  Basics of Python

v  Building web applications using Flask

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Lastly: Google’s Python Class:


Google python class is a free for all class, for people with some basic knowledge about programming. The class includes videos, written materials, and a lot of programming codes for practice, to help you go from noob to pro. This language is an important part of Google from the beginning and continues to be as it grows and evolves.

The initial exercises explain the basic concepts of the language like strings and lists, which leads to the next exercise that includes full programs comprising of text files, processes and http connections. Google Python classes focuses on basic concepts of the language like data types and lists.

Topics covered:

v  Setting up Python

v  Regular Expressions

v  Sorting

v  Utilities

v  Dictionaries and files

v  Introduction to the Python programming language

v  Lists and strings

You can (Sign up) here.

So what are you waiting for? Get to learning now and take the next step towards being a Python programmer.


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