Is Google Meet Online Attendance The New Norm?

With the onset of COVID19, there has been an increasing uncertainty about the return of normal routine. There is a continuous rise in demand of apps and online platforms such as Google Meet that may at least provide a workable solution. Since, they cannot replace the conventional methods but can help till life comes back on the basic path.

One such area is the use of online medium for educational purposes, for both schools and universities. But the problems most teachers and professors are facing currently is how to take attendance of students who are attending the classes. If you are also facing similar issues, then your days of worry are over as we bring you an easy and dependable solution for your problem.

The most widely used app for online meetings and classes at present is Google Meet as it provides a range of features. Other than its basic features, it also gives you an option of Google Meet extensions which is an effortless option. Now, the extension that we will discuss is the “Meet Attendance”. It can be used to keep a track of all people that are attending the meeting or class. It also creates sheets with time and date in Google Meet.

For this, you just need to go to the chrome web store and search” Meet attendance”.

How to mark attendance on Google Meet

After this, click “Add to chrome” to start the installation.

After you click, a pop up will come up asking for your permission to install. Once you agree, it will complete the installation and will appear on the address bar at the right side under “People”.

For the first time, sign in with your Google Account that you are using for your Google Meet call.

Once you do that it will be able to create sheets of attendance.

After this, when you start your Session you just have to go under the “Meet Attendance” option for taking the attendance. Once you do that, it will record all people in the call and you have to just click on the “tick” icon to generate the sheet of attendance.

Generate the Google meet attendance sheet

Also, it can be done multiple times just by clicking on the on-off icon. And it will create a new attendance of people present at that point of time in the same attendance sheet. You can also add an additional sheet if you want.


If you want to download the attendance sheet later, it can be done. You can do it installing an additional extension that is “Google Meet Attendance Collector”. Once you are done with this, its icon will also show right next to the “Meet Attendance” option in the right corner of your screen.

Google Meet Attendance Collector

When you are done with the meeting you have to click on the “Attendance Meet Collector”. Then click on “download” in the pop up to download the attendance sheet in exe. Format.

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