Don’t you ever wish for a magical WhatsApp number- which is non trackable, unknown to the people around you, doesn’t involve identity? With the increasing social stigma and personal life complications -freedom to have  such a hidden WhatsApp number may prove like a boom to stay connected with your lost contacts-  your last resort to get in touch with the friends who have blocked you or maybe be to start your conversation with your secret crush, to spy upon your girlfriend/boyfriend to caught them red handed. There can be endless possibilities and usefulness for secret WhatsApp number. Let me break the suspense by revealing the simple trick to make this possible.
I am going to share the fresh trick for registering WhatsApp with the fake number. There are lot of tricks going around the market but with the enhanced security and collaboration of Facebook with the WhatsApp there has been downfall for the same. Trick shared by me is 100% effective method.

Let’s see a step by step guide :-   

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Open the application named Wabi -Virtual Number for Whats-app Business from the play store.
Download wabi from Playstore through whatsapp
  • Download the application.
  • Upon opening the application, you will see two options – Install WhatsApp Business and Get a virtual phone number.
Open Wabi App
  • Click on get a virtual phone number, you will see list of countries. Select anyone along with the area code. Further click continue to proceed.
wabi get virtual number through whatsapp
  • On selecting you will be prompted to verify the email address and phone number. Verification code will be sent to your email id/phone number to verify your account. Don’t worry about the email address and phone number entered by you, this is solely for the purpose of security. You can use any account/phone number for the same.
  • You will be asked to make the payment through various payment gateways – you can opt for the free trail period of 7 days. No amount will be deducted before the trail period.
  • Finally, you will get the virtual number, along with the option to install WhatsApp for business.
whatsapp number change
  • Copy the number and enter the same in the WhatsApp for business (verification code will be used). Don’t forget to change the area code.
  • Fill in the details and get started with texting your friends.
  • With this additional step you will be able to cancel your subscription – open Wabi app and click on cancel number. Select the reason. Finally select cancel subscription.

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