Internet with its simple meaning is just a network of some interconnected devices. They were typically used to share data or information between people using them. But this word with so simple meaning has added so much meaning to our life and we are very seriously dependent on internet. Not only our devices but also simple appliances are now connected to internet. We use internet in every fraction of second.
We also have availability of free Wifi at office and other public places. For instance, railway station, airport, bus stop, hotels, even at café and restaurant. But there either they provide you just one user and password or you need to login to the Wifi with your mobile number on which they give you O.T.P. But what if you want to connect your iPad or laptop also. Imagine a situation where you need to share it with your friends visiting your hotel. Or may be much simpler you have net speed working well in mobile with your home Wifi and your laptop is getting low signal of the same.
To all your problems I have come up with a solution. With this you can create your Wi-Fi hotspot even when you are yourself connected with Wifi. This feature doesn’t come straight in your mobile and this way your android will work as Wifi repeater. If you ever try to directly make hotspot will connected to a Wi-Fi then device automatically turns off your device. And create hotspot using your mobile data. Even though today we have cheap mobile packs then to the data we get per day is very limited.

Connecting your mobile with the hotspot:

Too much of my say let’s get started now.
Create Wi-Fi Hotspot while Connecting to Wifi Network
So first of all you need to do is download an app from your play store which is “NetShare”. Now this app will help you make hotspot when connected to Wifi already. From this app only you will get proxy and passwords for the devices you will connect to your device. Here you are getting to the Wifi your mobile is connected with but indirectly as you are using your android. Because that particular Wifi lets you connect just one device i.e. some free Wifi at café or stations.
Once you have downloaded the app open it will display some network name and password, but you can’t change this even if you wish to as it has some limitations. You will select share internet connection in the app while you are connected to Wifi now take another device and connect to your Wifi hotspot whose name will be the same name as the network name in the app and use the password that app has provided i.e. network password. And then you go in the network setting of the Wifi in the device you wish to connect and mention the proxy and the port number which you will get from the app.
Create Wi-Fi hotspot from android already connected to Wifi
After all this you need to reconnect to the network to configure the settings. And bam you can surf. This was for mobile to mobile net sharing.

Connecting your laptop with the hotspot:- Now go to Wifi connections of your laptop and connect to the hotspot we have created using this app once you are connected to the hotspot using the password from the app you will see you won’t be able to browse as it will show error DNS not configured for this is because we are having role of VPN here as all the devices are connected to same network so you will go to internet options

Share public wifi network connected using Android Phone to Laptop
then click on connections tab there you will click LAN setting button and put the proxy IP address and port as we entered in the mobile device. This way you will be able to use the internet.
One disclosure for you the app you have downloaded from play store will let you make hotspot for 10 mins only so here I will come to your rescue and you can have the link of break app.
 Guys enjoy with my trick and cyu later with other fun and useful tricks. Goodbye

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